Consider Auto Insurance Costs When Trading Your Clunker for Cash

By Insurance.com Posted : 08/03/2009

Higher car insurance prices may minimize benefits of trade-ins according to Insurance.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio (August 3, 2009) - Recent buzz about the government's CARS program prompted many consumers to consider trading in their older vehicles for newer cars. But Insurance.com warns that the additional costs of auto insurance for a new car could take a big bite out of the savings that come with owning even the most fuel-efficient cars.

Purchasing a fuel-efficient car sounds like a great deal. But, remember to get an auto insurance comparison for your new vehicle before you trade up, or you may offset the fuel-efficiency savings with higher insurance costs.

Incremental Cost of Insuring a Newer, More Fuel-Efficient Car

Trade-in: 1999 Ford Explorer 4WD (15 mpg)
Average annual cost of insurance: $1,390
Buy: 2009 Honda Civic EX (29 mpg)
Average annual cost of insurance: $2,215
Incremental cost of insurance: $825 a year
Estimated incremental 5-year cost: $3,500

While a fuel-efficient car cuts weekly gas bills immediately, it's smart to estimate your insurance costs before trading in your old car. A recent study from Women-Drivers.com shows that only 22 percent of respondents shopped for car insurance before buying their last new car. This could be a costly mistake, especially since car insurance rates have dropped to an average of $1,879 this July, according to Insurance.com's RateWatch report.

Additional auto insurance rate comparisons, based on trading a 1999 Ford Explorer 4WD:

Car Model Annual Insurance Rate* Coverage Increase
2009 Hyundai Sonata (22 mpg) $1,770 + $380 year
2009 Toyota Corolla (25 mpg) $1,997 + $607 year
2009 Kia Spectra (27 mpg) $2,120 + $730 year
2009 Ford Focus (27 mpg) $2,248 + $858 year
2009 Chevy Cobalt (27 mpg) $2,285 + $895 year
2009 Scion tC (24 mpg) $2,850 + $1,460 year

*Examples of annualized auto insurance quotes are based on the average of the lowest car insurance quotes by Insurance.com over the last 12 months. MPG comparisons are the combined miles per gallon for models with automatic transmission shown at fueleconomy.gov.

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