Men or Women? Who's the Better Driver?

By Ryan Staib Posted : 03/18/2010

CLEVELAND - March 18, 2010 - Who's the better driver? Men or women?

Recent research at insurance.com, the premier online destination to compare real rates for auto insurance, has answered the age old question. And fellas? It's time to turn over the keys.

"Women are the better drivers," says Rob Klapper, insurance.com CEO. "To solve the mystery, we took a look at more than 7 million drivers to determine which gender reported one or more violations when requesting comparison quotes. Turns out men report more, almost across the board, regardless of age or education level."

Percentage differences were very close, suggesting there's more equality among drivers than popular belief might suggest. Totaled, 31 percent of female drivers reported one or more violations, compared with 33 percent of males.

Things change, though, when we're talking about married and unmarried people.

Married females report one or more violations more often than married males (32 percent to 28 percent), while single males report more violations that single females (36 percent to 31 percent).

When it comes to violation types, males collected more DWIs, while females were more often ticketed for speeding - until you get to higher over-the-limit speeds, where males score higher.

Which is fortunate, since males are more likely to buckle their seatbelts than their female counterparts.

"Bottom line, safe drivers are safe drivers," says Klapper. "And every driver will want to keep in mind that an accident could raise your insurance rate. The chance of a rate increase is more likely based on factors such as accident severity, if you're at fault, the value of your insurance claim, type of violation, and if the accident appears on your motor vehicle or comprehensive loss underwriting exchange report."

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