Insurance.com Reveals 5 Car Insurance Trends That Will Save Time and Money in 2011

By ckissell Posted : 12/20/2010

(Foster City, CA) December 20, 2010 - The new year will ring in notable cash and time savings for drivers with car insurance policies, according to Insurance.com. "Like many businesses, insurance companies are feeling the sting of a bad economy. To try and hold on to customers, insurers are offering new products and incentives. Drivers who take advantage of these new programs can save time and cut their insurance costs," says Chris Kissell, senior managing editor for Insurance.com".

Insurance.com identifies 5 car insurance trends that can lead to big savings on auto coverage:

Trend #1: More competitive car insurance rates

Auto insurance markets in many areas of the country are soft because of the economy. As companies chase fewer customers, premiums are likely to remain low or stable, experts say.

Trend #2: Mileage-based insurance

Pay-as-you-drive insurance policies should become more widespread in 2011. These policies can lead to big savings for people who drive relatively few miles during the year.

Trend #3: Discounts for accident-free consumers

Car insurance companies are rewarding consumers who remain claim-free with goodies such as premium refunds, accident forgiveness and diminishing deductibles.

Trend #4: Smart phone options

Some insurance companies are making it easier to use your smart phone to communicate with your insurer, renew your policy and file claims on the go.

Trend #5: Budget-friendly insurance options available

Until the economy improves, more drivers may feel squeezed into cutting back on insurance to save cash. However, drivers who do their research and compare auto insurance quotes can find a provider offering adequate coverage that doesn't bust the budget.

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