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Rates Remain Steady as Summer Months Roll On

Insurance.com RateWatch reports trends in car insurance rates, based on more than a million comparison quotes a year. In June, rates quoted were higher than April's rates in 14 states and the District of Columbia, essentially unchanged in 10 states and lower in 23 states.

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Largest Rate Increases

  • Delaware13.9%
  • Utah8.8%
  • Idaho7.4%
  • New Hampshire6.3%
  • Alabama4.6%

Largest Rate Decreases

  • Vermont-27.0%
  • Nevada-10.3%
  • Missouri-9.5%
  • Minnesota-7.1%
  • Indiana-6.7%

U.S. Auto Insurance Rates Averaged $1,789 Annually in June


The lowest average annual auto insurance rate decreased nationally in June, from $1,798 in May to $1,789 in June. This marks the lowest the average annual auto insurance rate has been in over two years.


Compare Quotes While Rates are Low

"I'm frankly surprised that car insurance rates continue to decline. We hadn't seen rates under $1,800 at least since 2007. If drivers are thinking about switching companies, it's time to stop thinking. Shop, compare quotes and save some serious cash."

-Sam Belden Ex-Vice President, insurance.com
  • RateWatch reports the lowest average annual car insurance rates quoted to consumers who compared rates at insurance.com.
  • The rates in this study came from more than a dozen leading auto insurance companies in 46 states and the District of Columbia.
  • More than 1 million drivers get comparison quotes from insurance.com each year.
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Top 3 Tips to Remember when Comparing Car Insurance Quotes


  • Accurate info = accurate quotes. Before you compare car insurance quotes, gather all the information you need: driver's license, vehicle year, make and model, current policy details, and all your driving record - for the last three years. The more accurate you are, the more accurate quotes you'll receive.
  • Ask about discounts. Know what discounts you have today and think about which discounts might help you save even more - discounts like low mileage, hybrid, safe driver, good student and more. If you're not getting a discount from your current carrier, look for companies that cater to you and match discounts to your lifestyle.
  • Shop online to save time. At insurance.com, drivers fill out one form - one time - to receive up to four car insurance comparison quotes from more than a dozen top-rated companies. It's a process that could take hours if a driver went to each carrier individually. In less than 10 minutes, drivers can find a policy that fits them best - and could save them hundreds of dollars.


$517 New Customer Savings: Jun. 2010


Drivers who reported savings after switching car insurance companies at insurance.com last month saved $517 a year. Savings vary by state.

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