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Give Your Auto Insurance Policy a 'Tune-Up'

By Insurance.com Posted : 10/14/2009

National Car Care Month is a time when you should think about performing some preventative maintenance to improve your car's safety and help avoid breakdowns. It is also a good time for you to review and update your auto insurance policy to be certain you have the coverage you need. Depending on who you are, National Car Care Month is celebrated in both April and October.

A periodic review of an auto insurance policy works in the same way that regular maintenance helps a car's performance, keeping it safe and dependable so it is there when you need it. By re-evaluating car insurance coverage on an annual basis, drivers can confirm that they have enough protection year-in and year-out as their circumstances change. It's also important to consider obtaining free insurance quotes from companies with top auto insurance ratings to ensure you're receiving the best rates and service available.

The experts at Insurance.com provide these general guidelines for drivers reviewing their policies and performing car insurance comparisons:

Detail Your Car, Detail Your Auto Insurance Policy

As your life changes, so do your automobile insurance needs. The Declarations Page is an important summary of your policy terms, coverage limits, and who or what is protected. Periodically updating this information is important because it can impact your car insurance coverage needs as well as the price of your premium, even if the update is simply a change of address. For example, if you are moving from crowded city streets to a quiet suburban neighborhood, you could save significantly on the cost of your collision coverage because a less populated area decreases your chances of being in an accident.

Look Out for Car Insurance Coverage Potholes

One of the most often overlooked areas of an auto insurance policy is the Insuring Agreement. It is crucial that you review this portion of your policy for exclusions - specific events and circumstances not covered by the policy. Understanding exclusions can help you identify any holes in your coverage.

Roadmap Your Car Insurance Coverage

Required coverage types and minimums vary from state to state, so the level of coverage can often be a personal decision based on the age and worth of your vehicle and your other assets. There are four common types of insurance that you should review and update:

Liability Coverage

This type of insurance offers you protection if you injure or damage someone else or his property while driving your car. As your personal assets grow, it is critical that you increase the liability coverage on your auto insurance policy. If not, your most valuable assets - including your home - could be seized as payment if your liability coverage fell short and a judgment was made against you.

Medical Payments Coverage

Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, owning this type of insurance will cover you if medical expenses are incurred by anyone involved in the accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This type of car insurance coverage protects you against losses caused by another motorist who is either uninsured, underinsured, or unidentified, such as a "hit and run."

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

This type of insurance is optional and covers the cost of physical damage to your car. While most cars are damaged through a collision with an object or another car, harm to a vehicle or its contents can occur in other ways as well. For example, if a tree falls on your parked car, repairs could be very costly if you did not carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. However, if the car itself is old and only worth $500, it may not be cost effective to carry this type of insurance on your auto insurance policy.

Performing routine car maintenance can prolong your car's life and improve its safety. Similarly, taking the time to review, understand and update your auto insurance policy can provide you with the increased security and comfort that comes with having the proper car insurance coverage. Insurance.com offers convenient, free insurance quotes so you can get car insurance comparisons from over 12 top companies. Instantly compare available rates and auto insurance company ratings so you can save on your next policy.


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