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My son has been driving without insurance for a few years. Now he wants to get it, but I'm worried. Won't he have trouble finding a company willing to insure him?

By Insurance.com Posted : 09/16/2009

You're right to be concerned for your son, but he can probably find an insurance policy even if he's been driving without one for some time. The real question is: How much will it cost?Before issuing a policy, insurance companies review a driver's record and prior claims history. They will check to see whether your son has any tickets in the past several years or whether he has reported an unusual number of accidents.Some insurers might reject his application when they learn he does not have auto insurance. An insurance company has no obligation to issue a policy to a person who has been driving without insurance. Some insurers do not penalize a good driver who has gone without insurance, while other insurers will issue a policy, but possibly at a higher premium than they would charge a driver who is not considered high risk. Your son should compare rates and payment plans from several companies-and ask about discounts that may be available to him as a safe driver.

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