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What are the signs that a senior is too old to drive?

By Insurance.com Posted : 01/01/2011

As a whole, most seniors are generally safe drivers. But the aging process, along with certain medications and medical conditions, can increase risks for older drivers, especially for those over 75, according to The Hartford Advance 50 Team, which together with the MIT AgeLab, produces information for families to address older driver safety.

The risks, though, vary by individual, so there is no set answer to the question of whether a senior should be driving.

The right time to talk about older driver safety is well before there is a problem, say The Hartford and MIT AgeLab experts. Establish an open dialogue, and approach the issue sensitively.

Warning signs

  • Watch for warning signs, such as:
  • Decrease in confidence or increased irritation while driving
  • Failure to notice traffic signs
  • Difficulty parking (e.g., hitting curbs)
  • Incorrect signaling

Observe a senior's driving over time. Seniors in focus groups report they're more willing to listen to people who have ridden with them, according to The Hartford Advance 50 Team.

Be supportive and patient. If driving must be limited, recognize this is a major transition in a senior's life. Finding the right balance between safety and independence is an ongoing process. Finally, plan how the senior can get from place to place so he or she is not housebound if driving no longer is an option.

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