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23 Tips to Save Money on Auto Insurance

By Rstaib Posted : 09/24/2009

In these economic times, we're all trying to save a buck. A little off the phone bill. Maybe a couple of cappuccinos less each week. Why not save some change on auto insurance, too? Here are 23 tips that could save you a chunk of cash on auto insurance.

Tip #1: Earn a Low Mileage Discount

Carpool, take the bus or cut back on trips. If your annual mileage is 10,000 or less, most insurers will offer a discount.

Tip #2: Study Hard

Students with B or better average qualify for a Good Student Discount in high school and college. Provide proof of your GPA annually.

Tip #3: Take a Defensive Driving Course

Many states offer a discount to mature drivers who take a certified defensive driving course. Ask us which companies do.

Tip #4: Drive a Hybrid

Travelers and others offer a hybrid discount. Other fuel-efficient cars often cost less to insure than gas guzzlers. Compare rates before you buy.

Tip #5: Get a Multi-Policy Discount

Insure your home, motorcycle or boat with your auto insurer and get a discount on your car insurance. Ask us for a quote.

Tip #6: Switch to $500 or $1,000 Deductibles

You can save as much as 15-20% of your Comprehensive & Collision premiums, especially for cars less than 5 years old.

Tip #7: Buy Gap Insurance

It costs a little more, but can cover your loan payments, if you have a total loss of a new car that’s worth less than your outstanding balance.

Tip #8: Don't Let Your Policy Lapse

It’s illegal – and you could pay 25% more for a new policy when you’re ready to buy one. Some insurers offer a transfer discount, too.

Tip #9: Protect Your Credit

In many states, missed payments can lower your credit rating, making it more expensive to get car insurance coverage in the future.

Tip #10: Insure Everyone in the Household on One Policy

You’ll earn a multi-car discount, and can be certain there’s coverage for driving each other’s cars.

Tip #11: Don't Speed Excessively

Traffic tickets will increase your rates hundreds of dollars a year. And, tickets are chargeable for the next 3 years.

Tip #12: Insure Your Home and Auto Wisely

Always buy Uninsured Motorist coverage to protect yourself from drivers without insurance. Uninsured accidents are costly.

Tip #13: Drop Comp & Collision Coverage

If your car is 8 to 10 years old, it might be time to “self-insure” it. Consider the trade-offs, as you’ll have to pay to fix it.

Tip #14: Pay The Small Claims Yourself

We know you buy insurance to cover losses, but paying a small claim is often cheaper than getting a rate increase in the future.

Tip #15: Avoid High Theft Cars and Trucks

If your car’s a target for thieves, you’ll pay more for Comprehensive coverage. A higher deductible will help manage costs.

Tip #16: Go Paperless

Some companies offer discounts for using online billing and service options. And, for using E-signature to complete your policy forms online.

Tip #17: Earn an Early Shopping Discount

Compare rates more than 2 weeks before your renewal date and you may get an early shopping rate. Ask us how to qualify.

Tip #18: Get Discounts for Anti-Lock Brakes and Airbags

Safe cars are cheaper to insure. And, most insurers give a discount for safety features and anti-theft devices.

Tip #19: Earn Payment Discounts

Consider paying in full if your company has a discount for it. And, using EFT for payments saves monthly installment fees.

Tip #20: Take a Driver's Training Class

While Driver’s Ed is not required in every state, many companies offer teens a discount for their first few years on the road.

Tip #21: Earn Renewal Discounts

When you shop for new rates, consider whether you’ll qualify for a renewal discount with your current company. You may save more.

Tip #22: Ask About a Homeowner's Discount

Many insurers offer a 5% to 10% homeowners discount, even if you don’t insure your home with them. It’s a sign of stability.

Tip #23: Get Married

Rates for couples are lower. Get quotes from both insurance companies before you merge your coverage. And, buy higher limits if you own a home together.

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