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7. Wrath

By Melissa Neiman Posted : 01/17/2012

wrath road rage7. Wrath

Tailgating that annoying driver or inflating claims to "get back" at your insurance company may seem like good ideas. But they could cost you in the long run.

Road rage that leads to aggressive driving is unlikely to benefit you in any way.

"That risky behavior can easily result in pricey tickets, higher insurance premiums and even jail time," Walker says.

Walker also urges you to resist the temptation to strike back at your insurance company for charging you what you view as excessive premiums. She says that "if you see dollar signs from a torched car or burned home or business" and illegally pad a claim, you are committing insurance fraud.

"That crime will land you in legal trouble at least, and at most prison," says Walker.

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