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Save Money On Summer Driving

By Insurance.com Posted : 05/13/2008

Getting ready for summer driving means making sure your car is in good shape. Sure, you know how to Winterproof Your Car, and how to Make Your Car More Dependable. But how can you cut car costs for summer?

Car maintenance like tire inflation, oil and filter changes, and alignment can save money. Make sure to use the proper type of oil, since summer is hotter and some cars require different oil to accommodate the heat. To really avoid overheating, have your car's cooling system serviced, especially if you're planning a long car trip. And make sure your radiator isn't damaged, since a hotter engine is less efficient and more likely to break.

Figure out if you're really set on visiting a specific place. It's true that going to a far-away theme park or expensive resort is more fun for everyone, but is it really necessary? Check out closer attractions. You might even save money by just having a picnic at a local park-"as well as saving gas on the trip. In fact, you might save money on your car insurance rate by keeping your yearly miles under 10,000.

Pack meals, snacks, and drinks in a cooler instead of stopping all the time. You'll save money on food, and save time because you won't have to stop. If you've decided to travel far from home, try to pack as little as possible. This will save money on gas because of the lower weight and also make sure you don't have to put stuff on the roof, which cuts gas mileage because of wind resistance. Also, plan your route so that you'll avoid heavy traffic if possible. That'll save you time and gas-"and reduce stress, too.

A great way to start saving for the summer is examining your car insurance. Comparing car insurance quotes tells you if you're getting the best rate. You can get free online car insurance quotes from Insurance.com.

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