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Tips For Buying a Car

By Insurance.com Posted : 03/06/2007
Buying a new car is an exciting experience, though it can be complicated. There`s a lot of choice out there, and it can be intimidating. You want to make sure you`re getting the best deal, and that you end up with the car that`s right for you.

Here are a few ideas and thoughts that might help.

General Trends
Today, fuel efficiency is a major concern. Manufacturers have taken the high gas prices to heart, and are producing models that promise better mileage. Indeed, gas-electric hybrid cars are in high demand, and some auto insurance companies are offering enticing discounts for hybrid cars.

Before You Buy
Think about your needs. Got a big family? Check out the safest vehicles best suited for your clan. Do a lot of driving? You`ll probably want a car that`s comfortable to drive, balanced with reliability and good gas mileage. Think about what you`ll be using your vehicle for, and shop accordingly.

Do some research before you even leave the house. Check the internet for information on safety and reliability on various models. You might have your heart set on a particular manufacturer, but don`t let that distract you from the facts and figures that determine how good their cars really are (or aren`t).

Check your current car`s Blue Book value before you go shopping - you may be surprised to find out that dealers consider your car to be worth much less when it comes to trading it in. Be aware of its true value, and you could save money.

More and more vehicles are coming with technology packages that include GPS systems, satellite radios and more. These can be very tempting, but quite expensive. Many of these features will require monthly fees, so keep that in mind. However, having systems integrated into your vehicle right from the factory is certainly easier than adding them later.

What can you really afford to pay each month for your car? Always have your budget in mind, and consider that your monthly expenses for your car should include gas, maintenance and insurance. Stretching your bank account an extra fifty dollars a month for a nicer model may cost you even more if the gas mileage is worse, while a more reliable car could end up saving you money.

When You`re Shopping
Not only is comparison shopping a great way to find the best auto insurance rates, it could save you thousands of dollars when looking for a car. Compare car prices at different dealerships, or online at various sites (including the manufacturers` own website), and you might be very surprised at the difference.

Consider arranging financing for your car before you visit the dealership. Talk to your bank, or credit union. You might be able to get a better interest rate from a different source, or at least have more control over your repayment schedule. In order to do this, you`ll need to have a very good idea of the car you want and how much it will cost. Bear in mind to include money for any optimal packages you wish to include in the vehicle.

Know what you want - be aware that some sales people will try to steer you to the cars they want to sell. If you end up with a better deal, or different car, and that's alright for you, then good. But don't be strong-armed into a vehicle you don't want. For instance, if you want to buy a SUV, don't be talked into buying a truck.

When taking a car out for a test drive, some dealers might ask to get a photocopy of your license before you go. You may want to consider not doing this. Instead, request that one of their staff accompany you on the test drive, and hang on to your license. Some dealers might take the opportunity to run a credit report on you while you are gone using the information on your license which could this negatively impact your credit score.

If you don't like how you're being treated, or if you have any doubts at all about the salesperson or dealership, just leave. You'll quickly find the dealer that's right for you, and soon after, you'll be driving the car that's right for you, too.

For more buying tips, consider visiting http://www.carbuyingtips.com.

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