WebMD top stories for 2012: OMG! I'm pregnant

By , Posted on 11 December 2012

With the Supreme Court upholding the health reform laws, it was quite a historic year for health news. And who will forget New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's supersize-soda ban? Apparently the readers of WebMD won't.  The grand-daddy of online health information, WebMD, released its list of top health stories for 2012. (See: "Health reform sticks: Now what?")

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Although health care reform topped the 2012 list, the topics varied from healthy living, including health management, to deadly diseases. This brings to mind a hot trend among health insurers – providing incentives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (See: "Take care or pay a higher share of your health care.")

WebMD's Top 10 Stories of the Year:

1.  Health Care Reform Under Fire

2.  Deadly Diseases

3.  New Weight Loss Drugs

4.  Do Men Need a PSA Test?

5.  Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

6.  Are We Sitting Our Lives Away?

7.  Where's My Excedrin?

8.  The Dangers of Designer Drugs

9.  Children Developing (Adult) Chronic Conditions

10.  Food and Drink Villains

On the mobile front, maternity issues came up big, while on the social media front, it was all about soft drinks, recalls and sports drinks.  If you're one of the women searching for information about pregnancy, you should also find out the role insurance plays. (See: "Give birth like a princess.")

WebMD's top five mobile stories included:

1.  Am I Pregnant?

2.  8 Early Signs of Pregnancy

3.  Lose Weight Fast: How to Do It Safely

4.  Bath Salts Drug Dangers

5.  Appendicitis

WebMD's top shared stories on Facebook included:

1.  New York City's Ban of Super-Sized Drinks

2.  The Nesquik Recall

3.  The Cantaloupe Recall

4.  Deaths Linked to Monster Energy Drink

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