Red carpet coverage: Celebrities who sold insurance

By , Posted on 21 January 2013

celebrities who sold insuranceIt's a banner day! Being the editor of an insurance website,  I've often thought of making the inevitable link between insurance and celebrities, but never could dedicate a chunk of time to the research of this scintillating topic. And I mean that in the best way, though others may read that as being ironic. Well, it appears that procrastination pays off in this case, as a financial broker wrote just such a blog, "Celebrity insurance salesmen," at a Toronto-based insurance website.  (Shout out to Chantal Marr from me: "Hey girl, we HAVE to hang out sometime!")

While she begins her post with one of the "Bachelors," I have to admit I've never watched a minute of any of the dating reality shows. Not that I'm judging. One reality B-lister she left off:  Katrina Parker, a second-season contestant on" The Voice, "worked for an insurance company, though was not an actual salesperson. Anyway, Marr goes on to cite some interesting stars who've put insurance sales on their resumes: Gene Simmons among them.

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