Betty White beats out Beyonce and Bieber

By , Posted on 03 May 2013

survey of centenarians and boomers favors Betty WhiteIn some circles, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Mark Zuckerberg can't beat Betty White when it comes to popularity.

Kardashian, the reality TV star, and Facebook-founder Zuckerberg were among the least likely to be invited to dinner by 100-year-olds surveyed by UnitedHealthcare, with more than half not even knowing who these people are.

Given the opportunity to invite a list of 18 famous people to dinner, both centenarians and boomers put Betty White at No. 1 (60 percent and 75 percent, respectively). This is the fourth year in a row that White has topped centenarians' lists.

Of the public figures they are familiar with, centenarians also put the following on the "do not invite" list for dinner:

  • Justin Bieber: 50 percent
  • Paul McCartney: 49 percent
  • Steven Spielberg: 48 percent)

Topping boomers C-listed the following pop icons, saying they wouldn't invite them to a dinner:

  • Kim Kardashian: 87 percent
  • Justin Bieber: 80 percent
  • Beyonce Knowles: 66 percent

Putting celebrity cache aside, the survey also sheds light on how 100-year-olds reflect on the past century, as well as how their attitudes and lifestyles compare with baby boomers.

When asked what they would have done differently if they knew they would live to 100, 50 percent of centenarians polled in UnitedHealthcare’s eighth annual 100@100 survey answered, "not a thing."

Baby boomers ages 60 to 65 aren't quite so content: only about 1 in 3 (29 percent) say the same thing about their lives so far, while more than a quarter (26 percent) say they wish they had saved more money. Boomers are also more than twice as likely as centenarians to wish they had taken more risks in their lives (12 percent vs. 5 percent).

The secrets to a lasting marriage or life partnership depend on who you ask. Centenarians put a greater premium on "sameness" than 60- to 65-year-olds. More than 3 in 10 centenarians (31 percent) say it is very important to share the same political views as your partner; less than 1 in 5 retirement-aged boomers (19 percent) agree. Nearly twice as many centenarians than boomers say it's very important to have the same hobbies as your partner (40 percent vs. 22 percent). The same pattern holds true for religion – 56 percent of centenarians say partners should share the same faith, compared to 46 percent of boomers.

Boomers are more content to toss tradition aside when it comes to marriage. Less than half say it's very important to maintain the traditional roles of husband and wife (49 percent, vs. 67 percent of centenarians).

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