'Midnight Rider' ad dissing Duane Allman?

By , Posted on 26 March 2013

motorcycle insuranceA Geico ad is back in the headlines again. You may have read about the parenting group suggesting that one of the "Maxwell the pig" ads hinted at bestiality. Ahem. I skipped commenting on that one, but today there is some discussion about the new "Money Man" spot featuring a song by The Allman Brothers Band. Not just any song. "Midnight Rider" is a classic motorcycle cruising ballad. The ad is for motorcycle insurance and some people are questioning whether it's in good taste to use the song because Duane Allman died in a motorcycle crash. 

(See: "Motorcycle insurance: Everything you need to know.")

Buzzfeed appears to think it is perhaps bad judgment. Jalopnik doesn't. I tend to agree with Jalopnik, though I am a big fan of the Allman Brothers.

It's also possible Geico's ad agency had no idea Allman died in a motorcycle accident. But I'd like to think that someone at the firm thought to at least Google one of the iconic 70s Southern rock rebels before pitching the idea to use the song. Either way, it's generating some buzz, which is the goal of advertising.

What do you think?

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