Get sock insurance for your sole survivors

By , Posted on 03 December 2012

Is there anything more forlorn than a lone sock? Missing its mate, just sitting there on top of the dryer so long it's covered in fuzz and dust. It's likely thinking: "Oh, man. If only she would ever take just two minutes out of her life to look on the floor, in the crack between the washer and the wall, for my long-lost mate." Well, that won't be happening any time soon, but now there's hope in the form of sock insurance if you buy from Betabrand.

San Francisco-based clothing store Betabrand offers sock insurance to its customers for a year after purchase.

Compared to car, home and life insurance, Betabrand Sock Insurance is easy to understand. Here are the terms:

  • Betabrand replaces up to two single socks per pair.
  • If you lose a sock, go to any Betabrand Insured Sock page to submit a claim, which basically involves you uploading a funny photo and sharing it on Facebook. Roll over the "Submit A Claim" button on your left to get started.
  • To get a policy, you need a Facebook account. You can still buy the socks without an account, but Betabrand won't be able to send you replacements.
  • To claim your replacement sock, you must upload a photo. Betabrand will then send you "a beautiful new foot covering lickety-split."

If you're a curmudgeon, or get surly when it comes to sharing via social media, well, sock it up and just do it!

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