Meet Sir Knuckles da Dragon

By , Posted on 01 August 2013

wackiest pet namesWould you name your dog "Sir Knuckles da Dragon" or "Captain Underpants"? Your cat "Cheeto Burrito"? Probably not, which is why these names earned top rankings in a list of most outrageous pet names.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) searched its database of more than 500,000 insured pets to come up with the "10 Wackiest Dog and Cat Names of 2013."

"We came across some extremely peculiar dog and cat names," Curtis Steinhoff, VPI's director of corporate communications, said in a statement. "After speaking with the pet owners from our top 10 lists, we found that many pet owners treat their dogs and cats like a part of the family and these unique names help reflect that."

Jeffrey Un of Lynnwood, Wash,. intended to name his new English bulldog Brutus. However, after bringing him home, Jeffrey realized right away that the moniker didn't fit this particular pooch. After brainstorming with friends, it was decided that the canine should have a proper gentleman's name.

"A friend suggested Knuckles, which was fitting because of his oversized paws," explained Jeffrey. "But he still needed that gentleman's name so I added Sir to his name. Sir Knuckles just sounded odd to me so I added da Dragon. Lo and behold, Sir Knuckles da Dragon fits him perfectly." It also earned him (pictured above) the top-dog spot on VPI's list for canines:

1.    Sir Knuckles da Dragon

2.    HotRod Whoofington

3.    Captain Underpants

4.    Stinky Monkey

5.    Taco Salad

6.    Dallas Cowdog

7.    Hunk Heartbreaker

8.    Ice Bingbing

9.    Potato Chip

10. Bunny Money Dogg

Cue the meows and purrs. The goofiest names for cats are:

1.    Cheeto Burrito

2.    Fuzzbutt

3.    Mama Pajama

4.    Lady Fluffington

5.    Nut Job

6.    Stinky Baby

7.    Doctor Whiskers

8.    Rum Tum Tugger Too

9.    Fatness

10. Pizza Guy

Putting goofy dog and cat names aside, pet health insurance is a serious business that continues to grow, according to VPI and competitors like Healthy Paws, PetPlan, 24PetWatch, Embrace and Trupanion, among others.

Besides individuals opting to buy protection for their pets on their own, VPI points out that many people are gaining coverage at work when employers subsidize the insurance as a perk. VPI, for instance, says it offers policies at a third of the Fortune 500 companies and another 3,400 firms and associations countrywide.

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