Allstate-United coupling births flyer miles

By , Posted on 13 February 2013

Allstate and United Airlines offer frequent flyer miles programAllstate and United Airlines have a Valentine's gift for you. Starting this week, customers in 24 participating states can earn United MileagePlus miles by considering Allstate for their insurance needs.

Here's how the program works:

  • Depending on the state, MileagePlus members can earn miles by either getting a new auto or homeowners insurance policy with Allstate, or getting a quote for a new auto or homeowners policy with the company.
  • Allstate agency owners can assist potential customers by providing a quote and writing the new policies. Check out to find an Allstate agent.
  • In those states where a policy is written, MileagePlus members earn the additional miles on the effective date of the policy.
  • MileagePlus members can earn up to 4,500 miles for doing business with Allstate, depending on the state.

The new partnership comes from an Allstate business called Affinity Solutions, created in 2011, that develops partnerships with companies that allow Allstate to market to their customer base. Bass Pro Shops was Allstate's first affinity relationship.

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