Calling All Car Collectors: Barrett-Jackson Starts Soon

By Insurance.com Posted : 04/03/2009

If you're a car collector or enthusiast, you probably already know about the Barrett-Jackson collector auction that's about to start in Palm Beach, Florida. It runs from April 9–11, and even in this economy, a lot of money will change hands. If you're not a car buff, it's still interesting to hear about antique, custom and high-performance cars. Or at least to look at the pictures.

More Than an Auction
Besides the bidding, this is an event. Celebrities like actors and NASCAR drivers often show up to bid, to sell or to lend their names to fundraising efforts. In addition, there are usually live music shows, a fashion show and other entertainment planned. In fact, the experience begins with car viewing and giveaways on April 4 at the CityPlace shopping center. The next day brings a collector car show and more giveaways. Last year's Scottsdale event recorded 280,000 visitors and more than $80 million in sales.

Tuning In
Can't make it to Florida? Speed network features live coverage of the auction itself, and updates and online bidding will be available as well. Why so much interest in a car auction? In recent years, high performance cars, custom-built cars, hot rods and even aircraft were added to the event as well. Of additional interest are the so-called "automobilia" auctions which feature historical collectibles related to cars – such as old gas station signs, antique car manuals and more.

Too Expensive for Me!
Although you probably don't care about the car insurance cost of one of the cars up for auction if you can afford to bid, the rest of us will be interested to know that it could easily cost $4000–$6000 a year. Of course, with winning bids ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, the insurance cost isn't what's keeping most of these cars out of reach.

You can find photos of current and past auction items, schedules, ticket prices and more at http://www.barrett-jackson.com/.

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