Get Dad to Rent a U-Haul for Prom

By Insurance.com Posted : 04/15/2009

Prom. It seems so important when you're in high school. However, only 21 (out of over 250!) of my Insurance.com teammates responded to a recent survey asking for their thoughts about prom. That means that either they don't care anymore, or they'd rather forget. The funny thing is that although I went to a few school dances, I never went to my own prom. Some friends and I went to a free concert instead.

How to get parents to pay
Anyway, the survey asked if people thought it was a good idea to rent a party bus or limo for prom transportation, and most (over 70%) agreed. The reason? There were a few. If you want a party bus or limo but your parents don't want to pay, you can show them this first list:

  • You won't have to worry about drinking and driving. Not that your kids would, but who knows what their dates or friends might do?
  • Even if your child is not drinking and driving, others will be. Your son or daughter can be the best driver on the road and still get hit by a drunk driver. Party buses and limos are safer in accidents than smaller cars.
  • There will be constant adult supervision. From the time the driver picks the kids up to the time they get dropped off, someone will have their eyes on your child. Not having to worry about safety is worth the price of rental.
  • You'll know when your child will get home. Let's be honest: all sorts of things can happen after prom ends. No one wants a "Juno" situation, so make sure everyone comes home on time.

What's in it for me?
OK, don't show your parents this part. They don't remember what it's like to have a social life, so this list will just confuse them. More reasons to go by party bus:

  • Your parents won't be there. Some parents are so concerned about safety that they insist on driving the "lucky" couple to prom! No one wants that! Seriously, just take a cab or walk.
  • It doesn't matter how "impressive" your car is. I own a '98 Ford Taurus and a 2000 Honda Odyssey. (Yup. That's how I roll, yo.) Those cars were boring even when new. Wanting to enter through the front door instead of parking down the block and sneaking in the back usually means you need a nicer ride.
  • You can still party if your date doesn't work out or bails on you. Hey, it happens. Not to me, but a few people in our survey said their dates left them. Not cool, I know, but something to think about.
  • Even if you don't have a date, you won't be alone. Also, you'll be with your friends and won't have to sit with your date if you don't want to. That takes a lot of the pressure off.

Prom in a U-Haul?
A teammate we surveyed said that some kids in their class rented a U-Haul and hired a driver. They put couches and everything in the back. I don't know about the laws in your area, but it sounds like fun. If you go the U-Haul route, make sure it's legal so you don't have to deal with fines and police. They seem to understand fun even less than your parents do.

If you're wondering what a U-Haul prom entrance would look like, you can search for "uhaul prom" on YouTube. I'm not linking to it because you never know what you'll see on YouTube and this is a family website.

Remember, soon you won't be able to go to proms (trust me, they don't let old people in.) So no matter how you get there, have fun with your friends, take pictures and make memories. Like old folks say, you're only young once!

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