Go Green for Earth Day

By Insurance.com Posted : 04/21/2009

Earth Day image.

Let's be clear: you can't save the earth.

Neither can I. No one can. That is, no single individual can save our planet alone. (Sadly, not even Al Gore.) It will take all of us working together. This Earth Day (and every day), how can you help? There are so many ways that we can't list them all here. We can point out a few related to auto insurance and cars, however.

Paperless Billing Saves Millions of Trees
Many of Insurance.com's car insurance partners accept online signatures when you buy a policy, which can save paper from applications and envelopes and resources used to transport payments to the company. In addition, most offer paperless billing, which saves even more since bills typically use more paper than checks.

What does switching to electronic payments and bills mean? The average family can save around 6 pounds of paper – which takes 18 pounds of wood to produce – and 5 gallons of gas and prevent the production of about 160 pounds of greenhouse gases. That's enough greenhouse gas savings to equal the amount of carbon absorbed by a tree seedling in 10 years.

If just 10 percent of families did this, it would save over 75 million pounds of paper (made from 225 million pounds of wood), almost a million trees, 50 million gallons of gas and prevent half a million tons of greenhouse gas. That amount of emissions reduction is equal to the amount of carbon absorbed by over 10 million tree seedlings in 10 years!

Hybrid Cars Save More Than Gas Money
Another way to keep it green is hybrid cars. Hybrid technology improves the fuel efficiency of cars and can also prevent waste by shutting off the engine when it's idle and recovering energy generated when braking. And, to reward your choice, some companies offer a hybrid discount on car insurance.

That's right. We're doing our part, too. Insurance.com has a company-wide recycling program for paper, glass and cans and encourages employees to help the environment by using their own mugs instead of disposable cups. All of our lighting is fluorescent, and every office and meeting room has motion-sensitive lighting so that the lights are only on when the room is in use.

And if you think about it, comparing multiple car insurance quotes on one site can help you save time and money. You can turn your computer off faster, which conserves energy. You can use the extra time to act on environmental solutions and the extra money to donate to your favorite environmental group.

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