Hurricane Season: Protect Yourself and Your Car

By Insurance.com Posted : 09/10/2008

Preparing for a hurricane means more than just getting comprehensive insurance for your car. First, insure your own safety. Next, secure your property if it's safe to do so. Hurricane season can be deadly, but proper preparation protects people and property.

Hurricane Evacuation
If a hurricane is approaching, decide if you'll need to evacuate. As you make this decision, follow the advice and directions of your local authorities. This will prevent problems for you and others. If you have to evacuate, plan a route. If you need to stay, find a safe location away from windows and doors, gather your survival supplies, and keep your radio tuned to weather updates. In all cases, don't return or go outside until the authorities say the area is safe.

Car Evacuation Tips
If you have time, prepare your car for evacuation. Get gas, have any necessary repairs made, insure you have a spare tire and jack, and load everything you need into the car. Organize important documents such as birth certificate, social security card, bank information, vehicle registration, lease or title to your house, medical information, insurance policies and cards, insurance claims locations and phone numbers, etc. Put these in a waterproof bag in case you get caught in water.

Tips for Hurricane Driving
Leave early to avoid the rush and make sure your path doesn't cross the storm. Have alternate routes, in case you hit traffic or a road is blocked. If you find yourself driving in the storm, don't drive on flooded streets. First, the water can cover objects or holes in the road that could disable your car. Second, even a small amount of moving water is extremely powerful and can make you lose control, or carry your car away in an instant.

Protect Your Car
You can take steps to protect your car when a hurricane is approaching. If you leave your car in your garage, reinforce your garage door with a special reinforcing kit or sturdy wood bracing and screws. Try to move all hanging objects onto the floor so they don't fall on your car. Cover your car with thick padding and a tarp. This will protect it from water, wind, and falling objects outside, and building materials inside. If you leave it outside, try to park it in an open area on high ground, away from trees and power lines.

Protect Yourself
The best way to protect yourself is to prepare well ahead of time. Update your insurance-"including flood insurance-"strengthen your house, and protect your car. Prepare a survival kit for your home and your car. Stock all the supplies you need for about a week, including supplies for your family and pets, if you have them. Make sure to include at least clean water, packaged or canned food, medicine, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a radio, a tool kit, blankets, cash, extra batteries, and waterproof clothes. Remember to grab your cell phone, keys, and important documents before you leave. Planning for hurricanes before they happen can make them easier to deal with.

Car Insurance and Hurricane Information
To learn more about preparing your car insurance for a hurricane, read the Insurance.com article "Car Insurance for Hurricane Season." If you want to understand the hurricane claims process and how to make it easier, read "Insurance.com's Tips for Hurricane Homeowners and Car Insurance Claims."

To prepare your insurance for a hurricane, get car insurance quotes from Insurance.com so you can compare car insurance rates from top car insurance companies. To update or prepare your homeowners insurance ahead of the hurricane, get homeowners insurance quotes. Remember to protect your other belongings too, and get insurance quotes for boats, motorcycles, RVs, and more.

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