Insurance.com Welcomes New CEO, Rob Klapper

By Rstaib Posted : 02/23/2009

Rob Klapper is a guy who likes to listen. He comes to Insurance.com from One Day University, where he and his team brought the concept of lifelong learning to thousands of adult lifelong learners. How? Consumers said they wanted to learn from top professors without traveling across the country—and Rob responded by building an impressive schedule of one-day learning events. Many of the course ideas came from consumers.

At Prosper Marketplace, an innovative online peer-to-peer lender and one of Time Magazine's Top 50 sites of 2007, Rob led the marketing team that connected consumers willing to lend money to other consumers who needed to borrow money—without a financial institution in the middle. And, as Chief Marketing Officer of 21st Century Insurance (one of Insurance.com's partner companies), Rob employed continuous customer feedback to improve the firm's marketing strategy and approach to serving consumers.

Rob's ability to listen was fostered during 14 years at Charles Schwab, long before the company tagline was "Talk to Chuck." He was recognized as one of the best business builders and team leaders at the firm, including his time running the insurance business.

So now, he's joined Insurance.com and is ready to listen to you. Feel free to send Rob a note and let him know how we can do an even better job of helping you find the best insurance information and the right coverage. He'd love to hear from you!

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