Who Loves Valentine's Day?

By Insurance.com Posted : 02/09/2009

Valentine's Day hearts: does that arrow hurt?

The articles we write at Insurance.com usually focus on insurance. (It's as if we're obsessed with it or something!) However, for Valentine's Day, we decided to write an insurance-free article. We surveyed our Insurance.com teammates regarding their feelings about Valentine's Day, and got a surprisingly large—and surprisingly varied—response.

We found four general categories of people when it comes to Valentine's Day:

  1. Lovers are people who are thrilled to celebrate Valentine's Day.
  2. Anticipators are those who expect great things each year—only to have their hopes dashed.
  3. Non-participants try to ignore Valentine's Day due to lack of interest or involvement.
  4. Haters actively despise the day or the idea—either because of repeated bad experiences, or a philosophical disagreement with the idea of a day focused on love—or its commercial aspects.

Out of the 52 people who responded to our survey, 60% plan to commemorate the day in some fashion, while 40% do not. Here are some of the best responses, from positive to negative:

True love: "I will stay at home with my wife of over 38 years and make a candle-lit dinner for the two of us. We do the same thing every year, and it makes every Valentine's Day memorable to me." We would venture to guess that this person and our final respondent do not see eye-to-eye.

Pure happiness: "I enjoy the happiness with my wife and children. The sharing of love and warm feelings, and a mood of togetherness and tranquility." At least a few people can enjoy the day, no matter what happens.

A Small Token: "My husband made me dinner… it was only Tuna Helper, but it was still nice." See guys? Sometimes it's enough that you're thoughtful.

A feeling of obligation: "Since I now have a girlfriend, I'm sure we will have to go out for dinner." Ah, the sentiment begins to turn. Studies have shown that women really enjoy hearing their boyfriends referring to a dinner out with them using the words "have to." (Note to men: that is a lie. Most women do not like this!)

False enthusiasm: "I have to buy my wife candy and a card. I would rather not, but she insists." Is it really a gift if the person insists on you getting it? Maybe if you pretend you really mean it.

Dismissal: "Valentine's Day is a sham and I refuse to celebrate it." Even people in relationships feel this way, so it's not a huge surprise.

Thorough Disapproval: "Valentine's Day is one of the most ridiculous 'holidays,' if you will, second only to Sweetest Day. It encourages unnecessary displays of public affection and it often serves to alienate others who don't have meaningful relationships or those who may be experiencing turmoil." Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel!

Uh-oh: "I will avoid going wherever my wife is." We can only hope that this is a joke, or that it's not what it sounds like.

Finally, no matter how much you try, your Valentine's Day can turn out wrong. These teammates were on opposite ends of bad experiences, but they both prove that sometimes it doesn't matter what you do.

A for Effort: "My husband sent roses to my office the first year we were married… but I'm allergic! I was a mess the entire day."

No Respect: "I fought through bad roads and a foot of snow when I was younger to go see my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. I brought flowers, candy and other gifts—just so she could break up with me."

We hope that your Valentine's Day is enjoyable, whether you choose to celebrate it or not. Remember that it's just one day out of the year.

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