Are your fountains, stone walls and paths and your garden shed covered?

By Michele Lerner Posted : 05/08/2013

fountains and home insuranceAre your fountains, stone walls and paths and your garden shed covered?

Decorative stone walls and waterfalls can be some of the most expensive items in your garden.

Fountains, water features, gazebos, sheds, paths and walls are generally covered under your "other structures" section of your homeowners insurance, says Suarez.

"They have to be attached to your property permanently, not something you could take with you when you move," says Suarez. "If you have a portable item it would be covered under the contents of your house, even if it's outside. Most insurance companies don't limit your coverage by item for outdoor structures, but there's a general overall limitation on claims for outdoor structures."

Foster says the typical limitation is 10 percent of the home's insured value, but it can be increased for an additional premium.

Some important exclusions apply to other structures. Those exclusions include damage caused by settling and bulging and the resulting cracking; freezing, thawing, the pressure or weight of water or ice; and damage caused by animals, says Foster. "Otherwise, the coverage is similar to the comprehensive coverage on your home and includes damage caused by fire, weather and vandalism."

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