Are my landscaping tools and outdoor furniture covered?

By Michele Lerner Posted : 05/08/2013

patio furniture and home insuranceAre my landscaping tools and outdoor furniture covered?

While some gardeners get by with a small shovel and a plastic lounge chair, other homeowners have costly ride-on mowers and living room-grade outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture would be considered the same as indoor furniture and will be covered under your personal property coverage, says Suarez. "Typically your personal property coverage is 50 to 75 percent of the insured home value in addition to the coverage for your home. For example, if your home is valued at $500,000 and is destroyed in a fire, then you would get $500,000 for the home and another $250,000 or more to replace your contents," he says.

Landscaping and gardening tools are also considered personal property, says Foster.

"Typical homeowner insurance policies generally provide coverage for losses caused only by select named perils, including fire, wind, hail, explosions, cars, vandalism and theft," he says. "Some policies can provide more comprehensive coverage for personal property."

If you own a ride-on mower, your coverage may be limited according to the mower's horsepower, says Suarez, so make sure you check your policy's coverage.

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