What happens if a landscaper gets hurt while servicing my property?

By Michele Lerner Posted : 05/08/2013

landscaper injury and home insuranceWhat happens if a landscaper gets hurt while servicing my property?

With so many tools underfoot and the potential for slipping on freshly watered grass, you should make sure you are covered if a landscaper gets hurt on your grounds.

"Your homeowners insurance policy provides liability and medical coverage for a landscaper who's injured while working on your property up to the limit of the coverage you purchased," says Foster. "The homeowner would need to be negligent and legally liable for the personal liability coverage to apply."

Suarez says liability coverage typically ranges from $100,000 to $500,000.

"You should check that anyone working for you has worker's compensation insurance coverage because that's what should pay for any injuries first," says Suarez. "If the worker doesn't have it, then it's likely that he'll go after you for payment. Your homeowner's insurance company will defend you in that case."

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