Better Yourself and Better Your Life Insurance Rates

By Insurance.com Posted : 05/04/2007

If you're overweight, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a heart condition, you know what the best steps are to take in order to improve your condition. You should be eating healthier, getting plenty of exercise, taking medications as directed and seeing a doctor regularly to monitor your condition. But did you know that by bettering your overall health, you could also be improving your life insurance rates as well?

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"When it comes to illnesses, the higher risk you are, the higher your life insurance payments will be," says David Roush, CEO of Insurance.com. "If you pay a higher life insurance rate due to a medical condition, you can possibly lower your premium by trying to improve your overall health. Many insurance companies are very receptive to customers trying to make changes in their life to improve their health, and often this type of behavior is rewarded with a price reduction."

Insurance companies focus on your health when it comes to life insurance. The less risk you represent, the better your rates are going to be. If you initially purchased a life insurance policy when your health wasn't so good, but you took the steps to get yourself up to and above par, you can then request a premium reduction. Just ask your insurance agent what specific requirements there are, and see if you've met them. There's no limit to how many times you can ask your insurance company to review your medical records to see if you meet the requirements for a premium reduction

Many times, insurance companies require proof from a doctor that the improvements that you've made have been maintained for a certain amount of time. More severe health problems, such as cancer or heart disease, warrant a longer improved health period requirement. If you have a condition that will never improve, such as heart-wall damage, you will more than likely never see a rate reduction.

Another step some life insurance companies take is to require you to undergo medical tests ordered by the insurance company. The bright side of the test is that if you are being tested for one thing and the insurance company finds something else wrong with you, your life insurance rate will not be affected by it.

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