Courier Insurance

By Rstaib Posted : 06/18/2009

If you deliver newspapers, packages or documents for a fee, you need coverage for this property while it's in your car or truck. Courier and delivery service insurance is designed to protect small businesses that operate locally or even across state lines delivering a wide range of goods including:

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  • Mail for home delivery
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Bundled mail or newspapers to drop-off sites
  • Legal documents for courts
  • Medical or health care samples

Who should buy Courier Service Insurance?

Courier Service Insurance is a specialty insurance product that will cover an individual or a small business delivering materials or products for a fee. If you are self employed, delivering newspapers or mail on a rural route, for example, it's likely that you'll need Courier Insurance.

While you probably already have an auto insurance policy on the car you drive for deliveries, most auto insurance policies exclude coverage for delivery services. A policy specifically designed to cover your courier service business will ensure that you're not personally liable if the materials you're delivering are damaged or stolen.

Even couriers who are under contract to one company should check with their employer about the amount and type of coverage they need. Your employer might provide Cargo coverage for the packages you're delivering, but could still require you to carry higher limits of liability on your car or truck. A larger company with multiple drivers may purchase a policy that covers its drivers in any truck in its fleet. In this case, its drivers would not need a personal policy.

Choose a policy to match your business

The more valuable your cargo, the more insurance you need. It's that simple. If you're delivering medical supplies or medicines, the risk of loss is greater than if you're delivering documents to an attorney's office. Your insurance company will customize a policy for the type of delivery, as well as the miles driven and whether it's local or long-distance travel.

If you drive your personal auto for deliveries, and your employer has a liability policy that covers you, be sure to confirm that you're covered for personal travel, too. If the company policy only covers business travel, you still need to buy your own auto insurance policy.

When you drive a car or truck that's owned or leased by your employer, the business itself will have a policy to cover the delivery vehicles. But, be certain that you're listed on the policy. You should give the company a copy of your driver's license and be aware that most companies will check your Motor Vehicle Report (with your permission, of course). Companies may decline to hire or insure you if you've had a recent accident or traffic tickets, because the cost of insurance will be greater.

Not all couriers need more than the minimum insurance necessary for operation. If the goods to be transported are relatively inexpensive and not subject to any particular legal liability, the cost of goods protection may outweigh any possible benefits. However, if you transport sensitive material such as financial documents, insurance against loss or theft could be vital. And, remember that basic coverages such as Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, as well as Uninsured Motorists coverage will protect you, your family and your personal assets, as well as your employer if you're responsible for an auto accident while working.

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8 Responses to "Courier Insurance"
  1. Patrick Gregory 21, Dec, 2013

    I need a quote for insurance.

  2. Melina Politi 27, Oct, 2013

    Could I get a quote if I have a business and want to have insurance for 10 or more individuals that want to be part-time couriers? Can this insurance package's cost be per delivery of the cost is calculated per month?

  3. Mark 10, Jan, 2013

    Hello, I own a same day delivery service but I am completely independent, which means, I do not work for another delivery company, in other words, I don%u2019t work as an independent contractor under a bigger courier/messenger company. I provide my own price quote and faced my own customers; I do local pickup and deliver anything from envelopes, documents, packages to furniture, appliances and household goods, its like a man with van. I do not have any employees, it just me. What kinds of GENERAL LIABILITY and CARGO INSURANCE do I need for this type of services? I also do small moving using my van. Any good advise would be great. Thanks!

    1. Patrick 05, Jan, 2014

      Mark, Do you work for more than one company? Do you set your own hours? Do you set your own prices or are they told to you by the larger courier company? Do you have the right to refuse to do a particular job for the larger courier company? If you answered no to most of these questions, you ARE NOT independent. In the event of an accident, your insurance company, unless it is a business policy and they KNOW you are doing that type of work could refuse to pay, in which case, the other party in the accident WOULD come after you personally, and COULD go after your employer. They could do that anyways. A good General Liability limit would be 1,000,000.00, (which many companies I provide service for request. And the cargo insurance would also be enough to cover a majority of what you carry in a load for your customers, and based on what you wrote, I would guess a 10k policy would cover you.

        Reply »  
  4. Confidential/Witheld 11, Dec, 2012

    Perplexing, at best. In addition to courier tasks of financial, medical, and legal documents, what of inclusion covering these same services while armed with firearms?

  5. susan jones 18, Sep, 2012

    i will be delivering industrial packages from one location to another as a hotshot driver. I want to know how much it will be to use my van or my F150. There seems to be a lot of variability as to distance and the vehicle used. 2005 Crystal town and country 2001 ford f150 crew cab within 50mile radius and also like to know how much for unlimited distances also like to know how much for a 16ft flat bed trailer to add on? I need full coverage on the vehicles 250,000/500,000/250,000 Oklahoma

  6. Glen Reece 30, Aug, 2012

    I am needing to purchase cargo insurance, i am using my minivan for courier services.

  7. Lorraine and Lawrence Rich 28, Apr, 2012

    Hello, Looking for courier insurance for our small business. We will be delivering documents from attorneys, real estate offices, title companies, and accountants, thanks


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