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By Posted : 04/23/2012

Financial Samurai for personal finance blog Editor's Picks

About: Sam Dogen is the force behind this site, as well as founder of the personal finance blog network Yakezie.  Part of the philosophy behind the blog is that personal finance is a part of everything you do -- whether you realize it or not. In addition to covering investments, mortgages, careers, real estate, taxes, insurance and budgeting, this blog also has a "big government" category, as well as categories for relationships, and sports and fitness, among others. There's also a lot of engagement -- popular posts often get more than 100 comments.


Cool clicks: The posts here are thorough and comprehensive, so you get more than a cursory take on the topics. For example, "Should I Get Long-Term Care Insurance?" includes average nursing home prices for California as well as examples of premiums, and not just advice on when and how to purchase it. In another entry on buying "The Right Amount  Of Life Insurance," you get a scenario that poses the question in word-problem format, which can be more engaging than the typical bullet lists many Web writers use.

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