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By Posted : 04/23/2012

Personal finance blog Editor's Picks: Len Penzo | Insurance.com


About: Len Penzo's philosophy is that financial freedom can be achieved regardless of income.  His tagline sums up the vibe of the site: "An off-beat personal finance blog for responsible people."  This blog has a breezy, down-home tone that combines financial advice on investing, mortgages and credit, with more personal -- and entertaining -- takes on money management.  Ponzo's site includes posts with titles such as "Why Big Spenders Are Terrible In Bed" and very thorough blind taste-tests of generic and name-brand groceries.

Cool clicks: When Penzo takes on insurance topics, he provides sound advice -- for instance, in the comprehensive article, "18 tips to Consider Before Buying Auto, Home & Life Insurance." 

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