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Is your golf cart mishap covered?

golf cart mishapWith several alternatives for coverage, golf cart insurance can be pretty confusing.

Test your knowledge now and see if you know which of these six mishaps are covered or not covered by one of your insurance policies.

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Question: The driver of this golf cart has coverage from his homeowner’s policy only.

He is on a local golf course and appears to have injured another player by running into him.

Question:  Is he covered or not covered?

Homeowner insurance provides coverage

homeowners insuranceAnswer: The golf cart owner is COVERED by his homeowner’s insurance policy because he was driving on a golf course and there was no damage to him or the cart.

Homeowner policies only cover liability, not injuries to the policyholder or damage to his own golf cart.

Golf cart on fire: off course

Golf cart on fireThis golf cart is not on a golf course.

It appears to be on fire.

Question:  Is the owner covered or not covered?

Golf cart insurance provides coverage

Golf cart insurance coversAnswer: The golf cart’s owner is NOT COVERED by homeowner’s insurance.

The standard homeowner’s policy only covers liability. Homeowner’s liability insurance covers only injuries and property damage that you cause to others—it does not cover your own injuries or damage to your own property.

He would probably be COVERED if he has a special golf cart insurance policy, or if he added and paid for a special golf cart endorsement on his homeowner’s insurance – IF he has a valid driver’s license and was operating the cart legally.   Comprehensive or “other than collision” coverage on a golf cart policy/endorsement would cover fire, theft, hail and other damages caused by something besides a collision.

Golf cart in water hazard

Golf cart in water hazardThis driver has managed to dump his cart into a water hazard. It’s got water damage and the engine is inoperable.

He’s probably lost his clubs as well.

Question:  Is he covered?

Golf insurance policy to the rescue

Golf insurance policy to the rescueAnswer: This accident happened on a golf course. No one seems to have been injured, but there is clearly damage to the cart.

This driver is NOT COVERED by standard homeowner’s insurance.

He is probably COVERED if he’s purchased a special golf cart endorsement.

He is COVERED if he has a standalone golf cart policy.  Comprehensive insurance coverage covers water damage.

Golf cart damaged on street

Golf cart damaged on city streetThis cart appears to be unharmed. Sadly, this neighborhood electric vehicle was parked on the street, in front of the Acme Piano factory, and the picture was taken just before Wile E. Coyote dropped a piano on the cart. It’s a total loss. The Acme Piano factory is not located in a golf or retirement community.

Question:  Is it covered?

Auto or golf cart policy provide coverage

Auto or golf cart policy provide coverageAnswer: This cart is a speed-modified vehicle, which is not eligible for coverage under many insurance policies.

Damage from a wayward piano is NOT COVERED by homeowner’s insurance.

It is NOT COVERED by a special endorsement or “regular” golf cart insurance policy because it’s not being driven in a golf community, on the way to the golf course or on the golf course.

It is COVERED by a golf cart or auto policy for a low-speed vehicle, as long as the driver has a valid license.

Golf cart rental accident

Golf cart rental accidentThis cart was the newlyweds’ getaway vehicle after their reception. It’s owned by the bride’s cousin, who rented it to them for the day. The couple has no idea how the cart was later found upside down in a muddy ditch, but suspect the groom’s fraternity friends might have something to do with it…

Question:  Is it covered?

Read the fine print

Read the fine printAnswer: Renting out your vehicle is likely to void your insurance coverage, as those using peer-to-peer sharing services have discovered. The groom’s cousin is NOT COVERED by homeowner’s insurance, golf cart insurance or auto insurance.

If you’re going to rent out or “share” a vehicle, double check your coverage and read the fine print.

Unlicensed golf cart driver

Unlicensed golf cart driverYep, she’s cute, and she’s a pretty good driver. Watch me, Daddy! See how good I am at stopping before I hit this….uh, oh….tree…..

This cart was crashed into a tree on the course by an unlicensed child. She is fine but the cart and tree are not.

Question:  Are her parents covered?

Multiple insurance policies needed

Multiple insurance policiesAnswer: The tree damaged by Dad’s little snowflake is covered by a homeowner’s, golf cart or LSV policy because he has liability insurance coverage. However, he is NOT COVERED for damage to his own cart even if he has golf cart or auto insurance on it. That’s because most policies exclude collision coverage for damage caused by unlicensed drivers.

Be sure to get proper golf cart insurance and avoid mistakes that can negate your coverage.

Author: Gina Pogol

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