83% Report Distracted Driving Worse Now than Two Years Ago: Insurance.com Survey

Auto insurance rates rise an average of 23% ($346) when caught texting while driving

Foster City, CA—April 15, 2021: April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. Insurance.com surveyed 1,000 motorists to learn that distracted driving and other bad behaviors are increasingly serious problems.

Insurance.com shares study results in this report: Distracted Driving Survey. Findings include:

Biggest driver distractions

  • 38% Texting (up from 24% in 2020)
  • 25% Navigation systems (up from 20% in 2020)
  • 24% Children in the car (up from 16% in 2020)

Both men and women report texting as their most significant driver distraction, while last year women said their largest distraction was navigation systems.

Phone usage frequency while driving

The survey finds fewer drivers with hands on their phones in 2021. When asked how often they touch or hold their phone while driving:

  • 43% Only a few times ever (down from 50% in 2020)
  • 9% about three or four times a month (down from 13% in 2020)
  • 5% about three or four times a year (down from 14% in 2020)

Why and how often drivers take photos or selfies

Photo-taking activity jumped from 11% in 2020 to 35% of respondents in 2021. Top purposes:

  • 36% take photos of majestic views
  • 32% photograph the weather
  • 27% take photos to share on social media

Confessions on rude behavior

A full 78% of those surveyed admit to rude and/or dangerous actions:

  • 30% “Brake-check” a car following closely behind
  • 29% Honk at a slow-moving driver
  • 27% Make obscene gestures at others while driving

“With more than three thousand fatalities caused by distracted drivers in 2019, and dangerous behaviors on the rise, inattentive driving is a serious problem,” observes Les Masterson, Insurance.com managing editor. “Offenders also risk significant penalties such as tickets, costly auto body repairs and higher auto insurance rates.”

Les Masterson is available to discuss the complete study details, as well as how important it is to compare auto insurance rates if you’ve been cited.

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