Editorial Guidelines

We at Insurance.com are dedicated to educating, informing, and empowering you so that you can buy insurance with confidence. Our team adheres to strict editorial guidelines to earn the trust of our readers and keep it.

Key principles

At Insurance.com, we are dedicated to the following:

  • Accuracy. We fact-check, research, and bring in insurance industry experts to ensure we present the most accurate information possible.
  • Objectivity. Our content is free of outside influence and we do not receive any compensation from insurance companies or anyone else, ensuring objectivity.
  • Authority. We obtain data only from reputable sources and set the highest standards for our research to ensure we provide the most up-to-date and expertly sourced information possible.

Our editorial process

All content on Insurance.com goes through a careful process to ensure accuracy and objectivity. We work with top independent writers to provide well-researched and easy-to-understand content to answer readers' questions about insurance. That content passes through multiple levels of careful editing and fact-checking before reaching our readers. Sources of data and other information are thoroughly evaluated for reliability.

We also invite our expert advisors from the insurance and academic fields to provide insights and advice.

How we make money

While our advertisers never influence our content, we earn income through those advertisers and by partnering with companies to provide quotes for our readers. We follow strict editorial standards to ensure complete objectivity and do not earn commissions from insurance companies for reviews, opinions, or other content on our pages.