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Compare Car Insurance Companies

Comparing auto insurance companies is the best way to get cheaper car insurance and find the best car insurance company for your needs, too.  

Regardless of what's on your driving record or other factors that affect car insurance rates, some companies will offer you a better rate than others. To find the best deal on the coverage you need, it’s best to get quotes from three to five companies. Compare rates annually or whenever your policy renews to ensure you’re still getting the best deal.

You'll also want to compare more than just rates; you want to find a car insurance company you can trust in addition to getting the best coverage for your money.

Read on to find out how to compare car insurance companies like a pro, with expert tips and advice to make shopping for car insurance easy.

  • Comparing car insurance companies is the best way to save money on your policy and find the coverage you need.
  • Each company will calculate rates differently, so the company that’s cheapest for one person may not be the cheapest for another
  • It’s important to look beyond rates and compare car insurance company ratings as well.

How to compare car insurance companies

Comparing car insurance companies is easy, but first you need to know what you're shopping for. Start by looking at your current insurance policy and noting what coverage you’re currently carrying. Do you want to make changes or keep it the same? Once you’re clear on coverage, it’s time to compare with a few simple steps.

  • Request quotes from several companies. You may want to narrow it down by asking friends and family for recommendations or researching which companies typically offer the best rates for your particular situation.
  • Compare the quotes, noting any coverage changes or add-ons offered by each company.
  • Research each company’s reputation for customer service and claims before you make a final decision.

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    What should you consider when comparing auto insurance companies?

    Different companies may have different specialties and will offer different rates, even for the same product. Compare car insurance company ratings for the types of options you want on your plan. Maybe company A has a good-driver discount, but company B has lower rates even without the discounts. You will get a feel for which companies generally fit your needs and budget as you compare multiple companies.

    While you compare car insurance quotes from different companies, consider factors beyond the price, like:

    • The company’s history of complaints and customer satisfaction ratings from agencies like J.D. Power.
    • Any extra perks the company offers like free accident forgiveness or roadside assistance.
    • How does the company interact with customers? Do they have local agents or is it a call center?
    • Do they offer a good digital experience? How does the mobile app work?
    • What discounts or other options are there for reducing rates?

    What are the cheapest car insurance companies?

    There is no one cheapest car insurance company. However, some may offer discounts which can lower their prices compared to other companies. Insurers offer discounts when you bundle an auto policy with a home policy. You can also save by being a good driver or not driving much. 

    You can look at averages to help you figure out which companies might have lower rates than others. The table below offers a look at rates from some well-known car insurance companies based on national averages drawn from Insurance.com’s 2022 rate analysis. These rates are for a full coverage policy with 100/300/100 liability and $500 deductibles for comprehensive and collision.

    CompanyAverage annual rateDifference from national average
    Nationwide$1,190$ 492
    USAA$1,192$ 490
    Erie$1,254$ 428
    Geico$1,266$ 416
    American Family$1,362$ 320
    Auto-Owners$1,406$ 276
    State Farm$1,436$ 246
    Travelers$1,488$ 194
    Progressive$1,686$ -4
    Allstate$2,086$ -404
    Mercury$2,167$ -485
    Farmers$2,308$ -626
    Kemper$2,422$ -740

    The most important thing is to compare multiple car insurance companies. The more companies you compare, the more likely you’ll find the best deal.

    Which car insurance companies should you compare?

    As many as you can. The more choices you have, the more likely you’ll find the perfect plan. It’s always a good idea to compare some local, smaller companies as well as the big names like State Farm or Geico. You might discover the perfect company for you in a lesser-known name.

    One company might be the best for one type of insurance but terrible for another. You can narrow down your choices by reading company reviews to see where they specialize.


    Insurance.com commissioned 2022 car insurance rates from Quadrant Data Services, fielded based on a sample driver who is male, 40 years old, has a clean record, and drives a 2021 Honda Accord LX.