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DUI Insurance

By Posted : August 3, 2017

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You’ve just received a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), or OUI (Operating Under the Influence), and now are concerned about your car insurance costs, in addition to everything else. We won’t address the “everything else” in your life, but we will alleviate your concerns and guide you through the process with regards to car insurance. We’ll show you how to get the cheapest DUI insurance, quotes from multiple top carriers, and lessen some of your concerns along the way.

You’re only minutes away from being more informed about your insurance options and ready to shop for car insurance, so let’s get started.

Note: DWI insurance and OUI insurance can follow the same guidance given here for DUI. Most times the terms are used interchangeably. A DWI is closely related to a DUI. A DWI is an impairment from alcohol, while a DUI can be an impairment from prescription drugs and marijuana in addition to alcohol.

How to get cheap DUI insurance

Car insurance after a DUI can be expensive, so you'll need to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers to evaluate which companies offer the best DUI rates. The impact of a DUI on insurance rates varies greatly depending on the company. We offer proof of this below and it's the reason we suggest comparing quotes from multiple carriers. If you find that your current company is not offering you the best rate, then it's time to switch car insurance companies. Switching is easy enough and will require you to cancel your current policy. We can guide you through both.

Company rates and differences

Many companies offer DUI car insurance, but the rates they offer differ widely. DUI rates will differ by many factors, including the state you live in (see our "DUI rates by state" table below), so there really isn't a "best" company when it comes to DUI. You'll have to shop around. Here is an example of how your rates will be affected by a first DUI offense in California:

California rates by company

 Company  Clean Driver rate   DUI rate     $$$ Increase  % Increase 
 Company 1        $1,381  $5,336     $3,985    289%
 Company 2      $962  $2,605     $1,643    171%
 Company 3      $1,874  $3,956     $2,082    111%
 Company 4      $1,312  $2,679     $1,367    104%
 Company 5      $1,912  $3,539     $1,628    85%
 Company 6       $1,325  $4,446     $3,121    236%
 Average     $1,461  $3,765     $2,304    158%

Florida rates by company

 Company Clean Driver rate  DUI rate     $$$ Increase  % Increase 
 Company 1     $2,214  $3,743     $1,528    69%
 Company 2     $1,682  $2,181     $499    30%
 Company 3     $1,308  $6,439     $5,131    392%
 Company 4     $1,469  $1,886     $417    28%
 Company 5     $1,220  $1,220     $0    0%
 Company 6       $883  $967     $84    9%
 Average     $1,463  $2,739     $1,276    87%

Note: The table shows the average annual rate of 10 zip codes in the state from the following carriers, in no particular order: Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO, and Farmers. Data was provided for Insurance.com by Quadrant Information Services.

As you can see, your rates can be drastically increased by $1,367 to $3,985, depending on the company you choose.

If you're ready to start comparing side-by-side quotes now, then start comparing quotes.

DUI insurance cost

The cost can be expensive, ranging from an average premium increase of 12% to 321% depending on your state. The average cost of car insurance with a DUI is $2,143. Check out how much your rate may be affected in your state by viewing the "DUI rates by state" table below.

The increase in insurance cost is largely due to the increase in risk you pose. That goes not only for DUIs, but other violations and infractions that place drivers in the high-risk auto insurance category.

Non-owner SR-22 insurance

Non-owner SR-22 insurance is a great way to get cheap insurance rates if you have a DUI, need to file an SR-22, and don't own a vehicle. The reduction in price is because you don't have "regular access to a car" and you will only carry liability insurance coverage.  Liability coverage is cheap because it only covers the injuries or property damage you cause in an at-fault accident, not the vehicle you are driving.

Also, a non-owners policy is a great way to keep continuous insurance coverage, which is an important factor in receiving lower rates in the future.

For this type of insurance, you'll have to call Insurance.com at 844-520-1574. One of our licensed agents will answer any questions you have, discuss your quote options, and even allow you to purchase a DUI insurance policy over the phone.

SR-22 and FR-44 insurance

The SR-22 and FR-44 are certificates of financial responsibility that many states require when you reinstate your driver's license after a DUI. These certificates are not limited to just alcohol-related driving offenses. They are also related to DWIs and OUIs. Your insurance company must file these certificates with the DMV on your behalf.

How long does a DUI affect insurance?

Insurance company guidelines, governed by state laws, dictate how long your rates will be affected by a DUI conviction. As with most minor or major convictions, a DUI will raise your car insurance rates for three years.

If your state keeps the offense on your record longer than three years, and many do, it's common for this offense to affect your car insurance rates for five to seven years or more. For instance, in California, a DUI prevents you from receiving a 20 percent safe-driver discount for 10 years from the date of your DUI conviction.

DUI insurance rates by state

 State  Avg. rate  Range     % Increase 
 Total $927 $2,415    82%
 Alaska  $583 $1,841    48%
 Alabama  $812 $1,662    71%
 Arkansas  $809 $2,197    59%
 Arizona  $1,523 $6,791    219%
 California  $2,304 $2,618    166%
 Colorado  $565 $1,448    54%
 Connecticut  $995 $2,675    66%
 DC, Washington   $778 $1,725    54%
 Delaware  $1,574 $4,834    99%
 Florida  $1,276 $1,276    88%
 Georgia  $762 $1,458    75%
 Hawaii  $2,008 $4,831    207%
 Iowa  $406 $1,104    48%
 Idaho  $457 $886    63%
 Illinois  $580 $1,452    64%
 Indiana  $701 $1,762    76%
 Kansas  $675 $2,372    75%
 Kentucky  $999 $2,633    108%
 Louisiana  $843 $1,882    57%
 Massachusetts  $1,160 $1,406    86%
 Maryland  $151 $348    12%
 Maine  $628 $1,725    93%
 Michigan  $4,040 $15,147     139%
 Minnesota  $1,315 $3,219    98%
 Missouri  $511 $1,440    53%
 Mississippi  $695 $1,585    59%
 Montana  $927 $2,739    62%
 North Carolina  $2,370 $2,880    321%
 North Dakota  $778 $1,861    57%
 Nebraska  $724 $2,131    78%
 New Hampshire  $911 $2,116    110%
 New Jersey  $1,151 $4,351    94%
 New Mexico  $661 $1,605    68%
 Nevada  $582 $1,384    60%
 New York  $808 $2,414    69%
 Ohio  $402 $944    53%
 Oklahoma  $1,056 $3,300    75%
 Oregon  $627 $1,459    58%
 Pennsylvania  $717 $1,855    69%
 Rhode Island  $1,385 $2,974    103%
 South Carolina  $511 $1,530    50%
 South Dakota  $439 $1,304    40%
 Tennessee  $937 $2,334    81%
 Texas  $851 $1,220    71%
 Utah  $537 $1,207    64%
 Virginia  $566 $1,125    70%
 Vermont  $492 $885    63%
 Washington  $666 $1,326    62%
 Wisconsin $554 $1,233    76%
 West Virginia $988 $2,865    70%
 Wyoming $708 $1,973    61%
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