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No two car insurance companies treat tickets the same way

The company with the least expensive car insurance when you have a clean driving record often is not the cheapest with a ticket added into the mix. Consider the difference in premiums in this example, comparing four top insurance companies.

CompanyNo ticketsSpeeding 1-29 mph over limit
State Farm$1,672$1,981

This driver’s cheapest option with a clean record is no longer the cheapest with a speeding ticket. While Geico has the lowest rate for a clean record, State Farm is the cheapest after a speeding ticket.

Your current insurance carrier might turn out to be the cheapest after all, but you won’t know until you shop around.

While speeding tickets and other violations drive up your own insurance rates, a high number of tickets on one particular model is not an indicator that it will be expensive to insure. Insurance companies care more about claims on a model than tickets. If a particular model is involved in more accidents or is more expensive to repair after a collision, you can expect to pay higher rates even if your own record is clean.

Your own driving record will have a greater impact on what you pay for insurance than a history of tickets for a particular model. Anything that puts you into a high-risk driver category, like a lapse in insurance, bad credit, multiple claims, or multiple speeding tickets will have a more dramatic effect than, say, choosing a Camry over a Corvette. High-risk auto insurance is more expensive than standard and preferred.

Methodology commissioned Quadrant Data Solutions to field 2022 car insurance rates for a 40-year-old driver with a clean record and with one speeding ticket from the top insurance companies. Rates are based on a 2021 Honda Accord LX with full coverage at 100/300/50 and with $500 deductibles.

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