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New Insurance.com Study Ranks the Worst States for Accident Claims

Michigan, Louisiana among worst states for car insurance claims, while across the country rates spike 31%, on average, after just one at-fault accident with more than $2,000 in damage.

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Press Release: New Insurance.com Research Reveals Top Five Home Insurance Discounts That Save the Most

The Insurance.com analysis shows that a new construction discount nets the most savings among the home insurance discounts surveyed, with an average rate decrease of 36 percent. That’s followed by buying your home coverage from your auto insurance company, called bundling, and having fire resistive house construction materials.

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Press Release: New Insurance.com Survey Highlights the Most Frequent Driver Distractions and Misdeeds

Texting, swearing, and flipping off others in front of kids found to be among the most noted bad behaviors. Drivers also recognize texting is as dangerous as DUI, but 40 percent do it anyway.

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Press Release: New Insurance.com calculator reveals how much tickets raise your auto insurance rates

Find out the average percentage increase to your auto insurance rates for 18 common traffic violations.

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Press Release: 2019 health plans survey shows big changes to health care in 2019 but many Americans are in the dark

2019 health plans survey: Nearly 40% unaware of individual mandate changes, nearly 90% support pre-existing conditions

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Press Release: Study shows half of homeowners don't understand liability insurance

Study shows that home liability insurance coverage is confusing to policyholders. Find out what it does cover and why.

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Press Release: Most and least expensive states for home insurance

Insurance.com ranks the most and least expensive states for home insurance based on average home insurance tool that shows rates for 75 coverage levels for nearly every ZIP code in the nation.

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Press Release: Most and least expensive ZIP codes for home insurance

Insurance.com offers tool with average home insurance rates for 75 coverage levels for nearly every ZIP code in the nation.

Press Article
Insurance.com Streamlines Auto Insurance Comparison for Mobile Phones

Online auto insurance marketplace enables consumers to compare and purchase policies on their phones in as little as 10 minutes

Press Article
Homeowners file fewer auto insurance claims, says Insurance.com analysis

Insurance.com analysis finds renters and those who live with parents file many more claims than homeowners do.

Press Article
Ticket magnets: The cars with the most violations

Insurance.com analysis ranks the cars that lead-footed drivers like most.

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When to drop collision? Insurance.com data reveal when drivers decide to risk it all

Insurance.com analysis details the percentage of vehicles, from new to 20 years old, whose owners forgo collision coverage to save money.  

Press Article
Anatomy of a car insurance buyer: Learn what drivers like you purchase

New Insurance.com tool allows car insurance shoppers to see what drivers the same age, with cars the same model year, choose.

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Autonomous cars: Bring ‘em on, drivers say in Insurance.com survey

Insurance.com survey finds Americans are open to, even eager for, cars that drive themselves.

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Press Article
Biggest driving embarrassments: Forgetting where one parked and driving over curbs

Women admit to more driving gaffes than men, but men are more likely to drive away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in, according to an Insurance.com survey.

Press Article
Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' voted best song for driving

A new Insurance.com survey identifies the best and worst songs for the road, plus some guilty pleasures.

Press Article
Insurance.com Finds Average American Pays More Than $84,000 for Car Insurance Over Lifetime

The amount of money the average American spends on car insurance over a lifetime adds up to a sizable chunk of change. Insurance.com explains what consumers are paying for, points out where they may be overpaying and provides advice on how to keep that lifetime average to a minimum. 

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Michelle is a writer, editor and expert on insurance and personal finance. Prior to joining Insurance.com, she reported and edited articles on technology, lifestyle, education and government for magazines, websites and major newspapers, including the New York Daily News.

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Consumer Analyst/ Insurance Expert

Penny Gusner has more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry and answers consumer questions as an analyst for Insurance.com, Insure.com and CarInsurance.com.

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Managing Editor

Les Masterson has more than 20 years of experience in journalism, editing and content creation. In his career, he has covered everything from health insurance to presidential politics.

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Krishula is a data science specialist, developing research and interactive tools to educate customers on their many options and help them make smart decisions. She also analyzes complex data sets and uses that insight to find the "story" behind the numbers to help site editors create content for visitors. She has a Master's in Business Analytics.