Gardener's guide to home insurance

By Michele Lerner Posted : 05/08/2013

Gardener's guide to home insurance

Spring is prime time for homeowners with a green thumb, the time of year when horticultural hobbyists stampede to their local garden centers and fill carts with flowers, shrubs, trees and mulch. According to the National Gardening Association, U.S. households spent a total of $29.1 billion on their lawns and gardens in 2011. While the average household spent $351, you can be sure there are plenty of enthusiastic landscapers who spent thousands on lawn equipment, fertilizer and plants while some of their neighbors racked up bills for fountains, waterfalls, stone walls and furniture to create outdoor living rooms.

While all that spending is great for the economy, homeowners may want to put down their shovels and pull off their gardening gloves to check their homeowners insurance policies. Then they can see if their trees, water features and lawn mowers are covered in case they're damaged by an ice storm, stolen or run over by a car. The short answer: it depends.

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