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  • $372/yr
    Female, 53 + Illinois + TOYOTA COROLLA CE/LE/S
  • $262/yr
    Female, 20 + Missouri + SUZUKI SX4 CONVENIENCE/TOUR
  • $428/yr
    Female, 45 + Texas + CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV
  • $510/yr
    Male, 29 + Tennessee + JEEP COMPASS SPORT
  • $223/yr
    Male, 35 + Virginia + HONDA CR-V EX-L
  • $707/yr
    Female, 62 + Maine + HONDA PILOT EX
  • $237/yr
    Male, 37 + California + NISSAN MAXIMA S/SV
  • $458/yr
    Male, 30 + California + INFINITI G37/JOURNEY/SPORT

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