Do all traffic violations affect car insurance rates?

Car insurance companies increase rates for traffic tickets that are considered moving violations. A speeding ticket is a moving violation, while a parking ticket isn’t. So, a speeding ticket will affect your rates and a parking ticket won’t.

Why? Parking illegally isn’t likely to cause you to get into an at-fault accident, but speeding is.

How much will a violation increase car insurance rates?

The more serious the violation, the more you can expect to see your rates increase. Let’s look at how much common violations will increase your rates.

How much does a speeding ticket increase insurance rates?

Even a single speeding ticket will increase your rates, but more than one is much worse. In fact, if your insurance company finds out you got two speeding tickets, it could even decide to drop your coverage at renewal time. How much over the limit you were driving will also affect the impact of the ticket.

Car insurance rate increase after a speeding ticket
ViolationAverage annual rate with a speeding ticketAverage annual rate with a clean record$ difference% difference
1 -10 MPH over limit$2,500$1,986$51526%
11-29 MPH over limit$2,657$1,986$67134%
30 + MPH over limit$2,848$1,986$86343%

How much does a DUI increase insurance rates?

If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), or what is called a DWI or OWI in some states, you can expect your car insurance rates to increase by as much as 102% on an average.

Car insurance rate increase after a DUI
ViolationAverage annual rate with a DUIAverage annual rate, clean record$ differencePercentage difference
DUI/DWI first offense$4,005$1,986$2,019102%
DUI/DWI second offense$6,114$1,986$4,128208%

How does texting while driving affect car insurance rates?

The increase in car insurance rates after a texting while driving violation depends on your insurer and state laws. In most states, texting while driving is considered a minor violation. It will increase your rates, but not as much as a DUI. 2022 rate analysis shows that a texting while driving ticket increases your premiums by 27% from $1,986 a year to $2,515.

How much does a failure to stop ticket increase car insurance rates?

Similar to the texting while driving ticket, the increase in rates after failure to stop violation depends on state laws and how your insurer sees it.

The average rate increase is 27.2%, from $1,986 a year to $2,527.

Does driving without a license affect car insurance rates?

Driving without a license is a different type of violation; it will usually mean you’ll be waiting longer to get your license, and when you do, you’ll be treated as a riskier driver. Although driving without a license doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver, it shows a disregard for the law that makes you appear to be a higher risk.

A driver who has a ticket for driving without a license will pay about 28% more, an increase from $1,986 annually to $2,548

Can you prevent a violation from increasing your insurance rates?

The only way to keep a violation from affecting your insurance rates is to keep the ticket off your record. In some cases, going to traffic school can remove the ticket from your record and avoid an increase. You may even be able to fight the ticket in court and win.

However, the best way to keep your record clean and your insurance rates low is to follow the rules of the road and avoid getting that ticket in the first place.