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Don't just protect your home. Protect yourself. That starts with homeowners and renters insurance. Educate yourself, get comparison quotes and make sure the policy you buy is right for you.

Home Insurance Coverage

This is what my house is worth. This is what I have in it. It would seem simple enough, but there are specific things to consider. Maybe you should itemize your grandmother's diamond wedding ring. Or make sure that collectible Elvis painting in the garage is covered, too.

Home Insurance Basics

If you've never owned a home before or are moving into your first apartment, start off on the right foot by purchasing home or renters insurance. Home insurance protects more than four walls and a roof - you're protecting just about everything in it, as well.


Just like car insurance, there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your homeowners or renters insurance premium. Where you live, who you are, what's in your house, and how big it is, for starters. Get started saving by checking out these articles first.

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