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When it comes to auto insurance, many factors go into the rates you pay. One of the main factors is the make and model of the car.

Your age and gender also play a role in deciding your rates, as do your driving record and where you live. Although, some cars are more expensive to insure than others because they are more at risk of theft or accidents.

How much does a Land Rover insurance cost? If you consider buying a Land Rover, be prepared to pay higher insurance rates. As per the analysis conducted by Insurance.com, the average Land Rover insurance cost for drivers age 30 is $2,299 per year and $2,206 per year for drivers age 40. In this guide, we will look at how Land Rover car insurance rates vary based on the model and year of the vehicle.

Read on to keep yourself informed and updated before choosing the car insurance policy that fits your requirements.

Average Land Rover car insurance cost by model

The average car insurance rates for cars differ from company to company. As the algorithm to calculate premiums differs for every company. More factors are considered apart from the known factors like age, driving history, and credit score that affect car insurance rates. They include – the make and model of your car, trim level, body style, and available safety features.

When it comes to Land Rovers, based on make and model, the most expensive car to insure is Land Rover Range at $2,571 per year for drivers age 30 and $2,463 per year for drivers age 40. And Land Rover Discovery is the cheapest car to insure at $2,037 per year for drivers age 30 and at $1,952 per year for drivers age 40.

To know more about the Land Rover insurance costs of the other available models of 2021, refer to the table below:

Make and ModelAverage annual rates for drivers age 30Average annual rates for drivers age 40
2021 Land Rover Defender$2,291$2,204
2021 Land Rover Discovery$2,037$1,952
2021 Land Rover Range$2,571$2,463

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Land Rover Discovery car insurance

Land Rover Discovery
Discovery Highlights
  • The average annual cost to insure Land Rover Discovery is $2,072
  • Starting MSRP - $56,600
  • Trim Levels – Land Rover Dynamic S, Land Rover R Dynamic S

Land Rover Discovery stands ideal for an adventurous family day out with its latest infotainment system Pivi Pro and its premium and purposeful design. It is one of the popular cars in the three-row SUV segment.

If you have a Land Rover Discovery, experts recommend obtaining many quotations from insurers regardless of whether you buy a new vehicle or keep your current insurance. This way, you can compare the rates and coverage alternatives offered by several car insurance companies to find the best policy for your needs.

Although, the Discovery insurance rates tend to decrease depending on how old your model is. It costs an average of $1,776 to insure a 2015 Land Rover Discovery model, which is 14% less expensive to insure when compared to the average cost of $2,072 for insuring 2020 Land Rover Discovery.

The Land Rover Discovery insurance rates are $1,776 per year or $148 per month. It is one of the most expensive cars to insure in the SUV segment. With its luxurious interiors and outstanding off-road performance, Discovery has received an overall rating of 7.6/10 from experts at Edmunds. Land Rover Discovery S is the trim level that is cheapest to insure amongst the available trims.

The car insurance rates for other models of Land Rover Discovery are listed in the table below:

Make and ModelAverage annual rates
2015 Land Rover Discovery$1,776
2016 Land Rover Discovery$1,850
2017 Land Rover Discovery$1,938
2018 Land Rover Discovery$1,986
2019 Land Rover Discovery$2,086
2020 Land Rover Discovery$2,072

Compare Land Rover Discovery car insurance rates by state

Land Rover Range car insurance

Land Rover Range
Range Highlights
  • The average annual cost to insure Land Rover Range is $2,453
  • Starting MSRP range - $24,990 - $55,990
  • Trim Levels – Basem HSE, HSE Plugin, Supercharged

The Land Rover Range has defined what an SUV should look like with safety features like terrain response, rear traffic monitor, and driver condition monitor.

How much is insurance for a Range Rover?

Owners of the Land Rover Range Rover are expected to pay $2,453 per year or $204 per month as part of the Range Rover insurance cost. A motor vehicle with excellent safety ratings is less prone to huge claims. Consequently, Range helps you save money on your vehicle insurance premiums by including some essential features.

The Range Rover car insurance costs for other models are mentioned in the table below:

Make and ModelAverage annual rates
2015 Land Rover Range$2,280
2016 Land Rover Range$2,396
2017 Land Rover Range$2,384
2018 Land Rover Range$2,391
2019 Land Rover Range$2,486
2020 Land Rover Range$2,453

Compare Land Rover Range car insurance rates by state

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