What to do immediately after an accident 

If you are in a car accident, here are a few things you should do immediately to protect your car and yourself.

  1. Check for injuries. If you or any of your passengers are injured, call 911 immediately. Even if you don't think you're hurt, getting checked out by a medical professional is essential. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may not be immediately apparent.
  2. Move your vehicle to a safe location. Move your car to the side of the road or a parking lot if possible. This will help to prevent further accidents.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver. Get the other driver's name, address, phone number, insurance information, and license plate number. If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their contact information as well.
  4. Take photos of the damage. If possible, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other driver's vehicle. This will help your insurance company to assess the damage and process your claim.
  5. File a police report. If the accident involves injuries or is serious enough that you can't move the vehicles, the police should be called to the scene. Even if the accident is minor, it's a good idea to file a police report. This will create a record of the accident and can be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim or lawsuit.

What are the next steps to take after an accident? 

After you have taken the immediate steps of checking for injuries, calling the police, and exchanging information with the other driver, you can take a few further steps to protect your car and cover your expenses.

  1. Contact your insurance company. File a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to your case who will investigate the accident and work with you to get your vehicle repaired.
  2. Seek medical treatment. If you were injured in the accident, seek medical treatment immediately. Keep all of your medical records and bills. You may be able to recover the cost of your medical expenses from the other driver's insurance company.
  3. Keep track of your losses. Keep track of all the expenses you incurred from the accident, such as car repairs, medical bills, and lost wages. You may be able to recover these losses from the other driver's insurance company.
  4. Consider hiring a car accident lawyer. If you are seriously injured in the accident or having trouble getting your insurance claim approved, consider hiring a car accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you to understand your rights and protect your interests.

How to deal with the at-fault driver's insurance company

Here are a few steps you can follow to increase your chances of getting a fair settlement from the at-fault driver's insurance company.

  • Be honest and upfront with the at-fault driver's insurance company about the accident.
  • Provide their insurance company with all the information they request.
  • Keep copies of all of your communications with the insurance company.
  • If you disagree with their insurance company's decision, you may be able to file an appeal with the help of a personal injury lawyer.
  • Get your insurance company involved. They can deal with the other insurer on your behalf, and may cover expenses for you that they will then recover from the other company.