Best car insurance for speeding tickets

State Farm is the highest-rated company based on customer satisfaction, financial ratings and average annual rates. If you qualify, USAA is cheaper, but State Farm is open to all drivers.

At USAA, there is an average 26% increase in annual rates, while State Farm has an average 25% increase.

“Not only do speeding tickets cause insurance companies to view the driver as higher risk, drivers may lose discounts applied on the policy as the result of a ticket, such as a good driver discount,” McKenzie says.

Depending on your carrier, you could see an increase of as much as 65% after a speeding ticket.

Price is an important factor but not the only one. It’s a good idea to look at a company’s financial ratings, which indicate the company’s ability to handle its financial obligations (claims) and its customer satisfaction ratings.

The table below shows rates and third-party ratings for top companies, along with our own analysis. The overall score is based on the annual best car insurance companies ranking by our sister site, The score for drivers with speeding tickets uses all of these factors, along with average rates for drivers with tickets. See the full methodology below

CompanyAM BestNAIC complaint ratioOverall scoreBefore speeding ticketAfter speeding ticketScore for drivers with speeding tickets
State FarmA++0.524.3$1,672$2,0884.7

Cheapest car insurance after a speeding ticket

Insurance companies consider you a riskier driver once you’ve been caught speeding. They also factor in how fast you were driving and how many tickets you get.

Below, you’ll see the average rate increase from multiple companies for a speeding ticket 1-10 MPH over the limit,

Rate increases after a speeding ticket, 1-10 MPH over
CompanyAnnual rate (no tickets)Annual rate, one speeding ticket 1-10 MPH overMonthly rate (one speeding ticket)
State Farm$1,672$1,941$162

As you can see, if you get a ticket for going 1-10 mph over the speed limit, you will pay over $200 more per year for your car insurance through USAA, which has the cheapest rates, but has limited eligibility..

Geico comes in a close second at an almost $400 increase for a 1-10 mph ticket. Farmers will charge a whopping $850 more for your yearly premium for a ticket in this speeding range, but they don’t bump their rates up much for higher speeding brackets.

Next, we’ll look at the average increase for a speeding ticket 11-29 MPH over the limit.

Rate increases after a speeding ticket, 11-29 MPH over
CompanyAnnual rate (no tickets)Annual rate (one speeding ticket, 11-29 MPH over)Monthly rate (one speeding ticket)
State Farm$1,672$2,020$168

Rates hold pretty steady for speeding tickets in the 11-29 range but really start to increase once you get caught speeding way above the limit.

Below are the average increases by company for a speeding ticket 30+ MPH over the limit.

Table title: Rate increases after a speeding ticket, 30+ MPH over

Rate increases after a speeding ticket, 30+ MPH over
CompanyAnnual rate (no tickets)Annual rate (one speeding ticket, 30+ MPH over)Monthly rate (one speeding ticket)
State Farm$1,672$2,033$169

Full coverage car insurance after a speeding ticket

After you get a speeding ticket, you may be shopping around for new car insurance. Remember, you only have to carry the state minimum liability required by law, but if you have a loan or lease you’ll require full coverage. Even if it’s not required, carrying full coverage is a good idea if you can’t afford to replace or repair your car after an accident.

USAA and State Farm have the best overall rates for full coverage after a speeding ticket. Take a look at rates from top carriers below.

Full coverage car insurance rates after a speeding ticket
CompanyAnnual rate (no tickets)Annual rate (one speeding ticket)Monthly rate (one speeding ticket)
State Farm$1,672$2,088$174

Cheapest auto insurance after multiple speeding tickets

When you get multiple tickets you’ll see another steep increase, even with USAA, which is consistently the cheapest carrier. Remember, though, USAA is only for military members and their families. 

State Farm comes in as the next cheapest and is available to everyone. 

The more moving violations you have, the riskier you appear to your insurance carrier. Below, you’ll see rates from top carriers for a driver with two speeding tickets 11 MPH or more over the limit.

Rate increases after two speeding tickets, 11 MPH+ over
CompanyAnnual rate (no tickets)Annual rate (two speeding tickets, 11 MPH+ over)Monthly rate (two speeding tickets)
State Farm$1,672$2,360$197

If you get too many tickets, your carrier might deem you too risky of a driver and decide not to renew your policy at all.

Methodology, in the fall of 2023, commissioned car insurance rate data from Quadrant Data Services for drivers with and without speeding tickets. Rates are based on a driver age 40 with good credit driving a 2023 Honda Accord LX with a full coverage policy (100/300/100 liability limits and $500 deductibles.)

The overall score is based on the annual best car insurance companies ranking, which is calculated based on a survey of insurance customers, NAIC complaint ratios, AM Best scores and average rates. See the full methodology on the best car insurance companies page.

The score for drivers with speeding tickets uses the overall score along with the same third-party ratings and rates for drivers with a single at-fault accident. Factors were weighted as follows:

Survey: 40%

Annual premium: 20%

AM Best: 25%

NAIC: 15%

Auto insurance FAQs

How long does it take for your insurance to go down after a ticket?

“Speeding tickets typically stay on your driving record for 3 years, and will continue to impact your insurance rates for that duration of time,” McKenzie says. However, the length of time depends on your state, insurance company, and the type of ticket.

Does a speeding ticket raise insurance rates?

Yes, speeding tickets raise your rates because you are now considered a riskier driver. However, you might be able to avoid a rate increase if you can keep the ticket off your record.