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The most-stolen cars in every state

By Posted : September 27, 2018

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates in its 2017 "Hot Wheels" report that the number of stolen vehicles has increased over the past few years, up 11 percent from 2014 to 2016.

The most stolen vehicles in 2017, according to the NICB, were the Honda Civic and Honda Accord, plus the big Ford and Chevrolet pickups. But that's not the case in every state. The most stolen car in Michigan? The Impala. In Illinois? A Dodge Caravan.

See the whole list below, with the most frequently stolen year of that model next to it. If your car is on the list, think twice about dropping comprehensive insurance , which covers theft, vandalism and damage from fire, hail, flooding, animal collisions and falling objects.

Use Insurance.com's car insurance coverage calculator to see what coverage package you should buy.

The most stolen cars in each state


Vehicle Year

Most Frequently Stolen

Alabama1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2004
Alabama2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Alabama3Toyota Camry2017
Alabama4Honda Accord1996
Alabama5Nissan Altima2005
Alabama6GMC Pickup (Full Size)2000
Alabama7Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2004
Alabama8Chevrolet Impala2006
Alabama9Toyota Corolla2017
Alabama10Honda Civic2000
Alaska1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2005
Alaska2Ford Pickup (Full Size)1997
Alaska3GMC Pickup (Full Size)2006
Alaska4Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2005
Alaska5Ford Explorer1997
Alaska6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1996
Alaska7GMC Yukon2005
AlaskaChevrolet Tahoe2000
Alaska8Honda Civic1999
Alaska9Subaru Legacy1997
Arizona1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
Arizona2Honda Civic1998
Arizona3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Arizona4Honda Accord1997
Arizona5Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2004
Arizona6Nissan Altima2015
Arizona7GMC Pickup (Full Size)2017
Arizona8Toyota Camry2007
Arizona9Toyota Corolla2017
Arizona10Nissan Sentra1997
Arkansas1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2000
Arkansas2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2005
Arkansas3GMC Pickup (Full Size)2000
Arkansas4Honda Accord1994
Arkansas5Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2004
Arkansas6Nissan Altima2016
Arkansas7Toyota Camry2017
Arkansas8Honda Civic2000
Arkansas9Chevrolet Impala2006
Arkansas10Ford Mustang2000
California1Honda Civic1998
California2Honda Accord1997
California3Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2004
California4Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
California5Toyota Camry1991
California6Toyota Corolla2016
California7Honda CR-V1999
California8Acura Integra1994
California9GMC Pickup (Full Size)2017
California10Nissan Altima2016
Colorado1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Colorado2Honda Civic1998
Colorado3Honda Accord1997
Colorado4Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2004
Colorado5Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999
Colorado6Subaru Impreza2002
Colorado7Subaru Legacy1998
Colorado8Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Colorado9Toyota Camry1997
Colorado10GMC Pickup (Full Size)2001
Connecticut1Honda Civic1998
Connecticut2Honda Accord1997
Connecticut3Nissan Altima2015
Connecticut4Toyota Camry2014
Connecticut5Honda CR-V1997
Connecticut6Nissan Maxima2004
Connecticut7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2015
Connecticut8Toyota Corolla2014
Connecticut9Hyundai Sonata2011
Connecticut10Ford Pickup (Full Size)2008
Delaware1Honda Civic2000
Delaware2Honda Accord2005
Delaware3Chevrolet Malibu2012
DelawareFord Pickup (Full Size)2016
Delaware4Hyundai Sonata2013
Delaware5Chevrolet Impala2007
Delaware6Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2011
Delaware7Hyundai Elantra2016
Delaware8Nissan Altima2003
District Of Columbia1Honda Accord2013
District Of Columbia2Toyota Camry2014
District Of Columbia3Dodge Caravan2001
District Of Columbia4Nissan Altima2015
District Of Columbia5Honda Civic2012
District Of Columbia6Hyundai Sonata2016
District Of Columbia7Toyota Corolla2015
District Of Columbia8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999
District Of Columbia9Ford Pickup (Full Size)2001
District Of Columbia10Dodge Charger2013
Florida1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Florida2Nissan Altima2016
Florida3Toyota Camry2017
Florida4Honda Accord2017
Florida5Toyota Corolla2016
Florida6Honda Civic2016
Florida7Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
Florida8Hyundai Sonata2016
Florida9Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2005
Florida10Hyundai Elantra2017
Georgia1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Georgia2Honda Accord1997
Georgia3Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1995
Georgia4Nissan Altima2017
Georgia5Toyota Camry2017
Georgia6Honda Civic1998
Georgia7Dodge Charger2016
Georgia8Toyota Corolla2016
Georgia9Chevrolet Impala2008
Georgia10Chevrolet Malibu2016
Hawaii1Honda Civic2000
Hawaii2Honda Accord1996
Hawaii3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2008
Hawaii4Toyota Camry2000
Hawaii5Toyota Corolla2016
Hawaii6Toyota Tacoma2015
Hawaii7Honda CR-V1998
Hawaii8Nissan Frontier2001
HawaiiNissan Altima2005
Hawaii9Ford Pickup (Smalll Size)1996
HawaiiChevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2004
Idaho1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2001
Idaho2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1996
Idaho3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2003
Idaho4Honda Accord1997
Idaho5Honda Civic1994
Idaho6GMC Pickup (Full Size)1999
Idaho7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1998
Idaho8Toyota Camry2016
Idaho9Chevrolet Pickup (Small Size)1997
Idaho10Subaru Legacy2004
Illinois1Dodge Caravan2003
Illinois2Chevrolet Impala2007
Illinois3Nissan Altima2016
Illinois4Chevrolet Malibu2012
Illinois5Honda Accord1997
Illinois6Honda Civic2000
Illinois7Toyota Camry2014
Illinois8Toyota Corolla2016
Illinois9Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Illinois10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2015
Indiana1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Indiana2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2000
Indiana3Chevrolet Impala2006
Indiana4Chevrolet Malibu2010
Indiana5Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Indiana6Toyota Camry2007
Indiana7GMC Pickup (Full Size)2017
Indiana8Honda Accord2000
Indiana9Pontiac Grand Prix2004
Indiana10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1998
Iowa1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2005
Iowa2Ford Pickup (Full Size)1999
Iowa3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)1998
Iowa4Chevrolet Impala2004
Iowa5Chevrolet Malibu2006
Iowa6Toyota Camry1998
Iowa7Honda Accord1995
Iowa8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1998
Iowa9GMC Pickup (Full Size)2000
Iowa10Dodge Caravan2005
IowaFord Taurus2002
Kansas1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
Kansas2Ford Pickup (Full Size)1999
Kansas3Honda Accord1997
Kansas4Honda Civic1998
Kansas5Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Kansas6GMC Pickup (Full Size)1999
Kansas7Chevrolet Impala2008
Kansas8Toyota Camry1997
Kansas9Chevrolet Pickup (Small Size)1999
Kansas10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999
Kentucky1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2005
Kentucky2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2000
Kentucky3Toyota Camry2012
Kentucky4Chevrolet Impala2005
Kentucky5Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2002
Kentucky6Honda Accord2002
Kentucky7Nissan Altima2016
Kentucky8Toyota Corolla2010
Kentucky9Ford Pickup (Smalll Size)1999
Kentucky10Chevrolet Pickup (Small Size)1998
Louisiana1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Louisiana2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
Louisiana3Honda Accord2008
Louisiana4Nissan Altima2015
Louisiana5Toyota Camry2017
Louisiana6GMC Pickup (Full Size)2006
Louisiana7Chevrolet Impala2007
Louisiana8Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2012
Louisiana9Toyota Corolla2015
Louisiana10Honda Civic2013
Maine1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2005
Maine2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2002
Maine3GMC Pickup (Full Size)2004
Maine4Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2014
Maine5Toyota Corolla2005
Maine6Subaru Legacy2007
Maine7Chevrolet Impala2012
MaineDodge Pickup (Full Size)2003
Maine8Ford Focus2003
MaineHyundai Elantra2013
MaineToyota Camry2017
Maryland1Honda Accord2010
Maryland2Dodge Caravan2002
Maryland3Toyota Camry2016
Maryland4Ford Pickup (Full Size)2005
Maryland5Nissan Altima2015
Maryland6Honda Civic2013
Maryland7Hyundai Sonata2013
Maryland8Toyota Corolla2013
Maryland9Acura TL2005
Maryland10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
Massachusetts1Honda Accord1997
Massachusetts2Honda Civic2000
Massachusetts3Toyota Camry2007
Massachusetts4Nissan Altima2016
Massachusetts5Toyota Corolla2016
Massachusetts6Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Massachusetts7Honda CR-V2001
Massachusetts8Dodge Caravan2003
Massachusetts9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
Massachusetts10Toyota Rav42015
Michigan1Chevrolet Impala2004
Michigan2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2003
Michigan3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Michigan4Dodge Charger2016
Michigan5Ford Fusion2017
Michigan6Chevrolet Malibu2016
Michigan7Chevrolet Trailblazer2006
Michigan8Chrysler 300/300M2016
Michigan9Dodge Caravan2002
Michigan10Ford Explorer2017
Minnesota1Honda Civic1998
Minnesota2Honda Accord1997
Minnesota3Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1999
Minnesota4Honda CR-V2000
Minnesota5Ford Pickup (Full Size)2001
Minnesota6Toyota Camry1999
Minnesota7Chevrolet Impala2008
Minnesota8Toyota Corolla1997
Minnesota9Dodge Caravan2005
Minnesota10Chevrolet Malibu2005
Mississippi1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2005
Mississippi2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1994
Mississippi3Nissan Altima2006
Mississippi4Honda Accord2005
Mississippi5Toyota Camry2014
Mississippi6GMC Pickup (Full Size)1994
Mississippi7Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Mississippi8Chevrolet Impala2005
Mississippi9Chevrolet Malibu2012
Mississippi10Toyota Corolla2017
Missouri1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Missouri2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2005
Missouri3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Missouri4Chevrolet Impala2008
Missouri5Honda Accord1997
Missouri6Chevrolet Malibu2011
Missouri7Honda Civic1998
Missouri8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
Missouri9Toyota Camry2017
Missouri10Dodge Caravan2003
Montana1Ford Pickup (Full Size)1999
Montana2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2003
Montana3Honda Accord1996
Montana4Dodge Pickup (Full Size)1999
Montana5GMC Pickup (Full Size)2004
Montana6Honda Civic1997
Montana7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1996
MontanaChevrolet Impala2005
Montana8Subaru Legacy2001
Montana9Dodge Caravan2002
Nebraska1Honda Civic1997
NebraskaHonda Accord1996
Nebraska2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1994
Nebraska3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Nebraska4Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Nebraska5GMC Pickup (Full Size)1999
Nebraska6Chevrolet Impala2006
Nebraska7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
Nebraska8Toyota Camry2001
NebraskaDodge Pickup (Small Size)2002
NebraskaChevrolet Pickup (Small Size)1996
Nevada1Honda Civic1998
Nevada2Honda Accord1997
Nevada3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Nevada4Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
Nevada5Toyota Camry2017
Nevada6Nissan Altima2016
Nevada7Nissan Sentra2015
Nevada8Toyota Corolla2017
Nevada9GMC Pickup (Full Size)2017
Nevada10Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2005
New Hampshire1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2002
New Hampshire2Ford Pickup (Full Size)1999
New Hampshire3Honda Accord2016
New HampshireHonda Civic2000
New Hampshire4Toyota Camry2017
New Hampshire5Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1999
New Hampshire6GMC Pickup (Full Size)2016
New Hampshire7Dodge Caravan2004
New HampshireFord Focus2013
New Hampshire8Ford Explorer2002
New HampshireSubaru Legacy2002
New HampshireToyota Corolla2004
New Jersey1Honda Civic2000
New Jersey2Honda Accord1996
New Jersey3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
New Jersey4Dodge Caravan2003
New Jersey5Nissan Altima2015
New Jersey6Toyota Camry2015
New Jersey7Ford Econoline E2502006
New Jersey8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
New Jersey9Ford Econoline E3502006
New Jersey10Toyota Corolla2010
New Mexico1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
New Mexico2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
New Mexico3GMC Pickup (Full Size)2005
New Mexico
New Mexico4Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
New Mexico5Honda Civic1998
New Mexico6Honda Accord1997
New Mexico7Chevrolet Tahoe2001
New Mexico8GMC Yukon2004
New Mexico9Toyota Camry1998
New Mexico10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1995
New York1Honda Accord2017
New York2Honda Civic2000
New York3Toyota Camry2017
New York4Nissan Altima2015
New York5Honda CR-V2016
New York6Ford Econoline E3502006
New York7Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2014
New York8Ford Econoline E2502006
New YorkHyundai Sonata2017
New York9Dodge Caravan2003
North Carolina1Honda Accord1997
North Carolina2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
North Carolina3Toyota Camry2007
North Carolina4Honda Civic2000
North Carolina5Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1999
North Carolina6Nissan Altima2015
North Carolina7Toyota Corolla2016
North Carolina8Chevrolet Impala2007
North Carolina9Hyundai Sonata2013
North Carolina10Chevrolet Malibu2011
North Dakota1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1999
North Dakota2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2001
North Dakota3Chevrolet Impala2005
North Dakota4Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2012
North Dakota5GMC Pickup (Full Size)2005
North Dakota6Pontiac Grand Prix2002
North Dakota7Chevrolet Suburban1993
North DakotaJeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
North Dakota8Ford Taurus1999
North Dakota9Honda Accord1996
North DakotaHonda Civic2000
Ohio1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2002
Ohio2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Ohio3Honda Accord2003
Ohio4Chevrolet Impala2006
Ohio5Honda Civic2015
Ohio6Dodge Caravan2003
Ohio7Chevrolet Malibu2011
Ohio8Toyota Camry2007
Ohio9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
Ohio10Toyota Corolla2010
Oklahoma1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2004
Oklahoma2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Oklahoma3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Oklahoma4GMC Pickup (Full Size)2003
Oklahoma5Honda Accord1997
Oklahoma6Honda Civic1998
Oklahoma7Chevrolet Impala2008
Oklahoma8Nissan Altima2005
Oklahoma9Chevrolet Tahoe2002
Oklahoma10Toyota Camry2007
Oregon1Honda Accord1997
Oregon2Honda Civic1998
Oregon3Subaru Legacy1998
Oregon4Ford Pickup (Full Size)1999
Oregon5Honda CR-V1998
Oregon6Toyota Camry1991
Oregon7Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1995
Oregon8Subaru Impreza2000
Oregon9Acura Integra1994
Oregon10Toyota Pickup1993
Pennsylvania1Honda Accord1996
Pennsylvania2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Pennsylvania3Toyota Camry2017
Pennsylvania4Nissan Altima2015
Pennsylvania5Toyota Corolla2016
Pennsylvania6Chevrolet Impala2006
Pennsylvania7Honda CR-V2000
Pennsylvania8Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2004
Pennsylvania9Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2000
Rhode Island1Honda Accord2008
Rhode Island2Toyota Camry2007
Rhode Island3Honda Civic1997
Rhode Island4Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Rhode Island5Nissan Altima2005
Rhode Island6Toyota Corolla2002
Rhode Island7Nissan Maxima2000
Rhode Island8Honda CR-V1997
Rhode Island9Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2005
Rhode Island10Dodge Caravan2001
South Carolina1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
South Carolina2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2006
South Carolina3Honda Accord2002
South Carolina4Toyota Camry2009
South Carolina5Nissan Altima2013
South Carolina6Honda Civic2000
South Carolina7Chevrolet Impala2008
South Carolina8Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2005
South Carolina9Ford Explorer2002
South Carolina10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
South Dakota1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1998
South Dakota2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2010
South Dakota3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2008
South Dakota4Chevrolet Impala2004
South Dakota5Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2002
South Dakota6Ford Taurus1999
South DakotaPontiac Grand Prix2007
South Dakota7GMC Pickup (Full Size)2014
South Dakota8Honda Accord2007
South DakotaHonda Civic2000
Tennessee1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2002
Tennessee2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2005
Tennessee3Honda Accord1997
Tennessee4Nissan Altima2008
Tennessee5Toyota Camry2007
Tennessee6Honda Civic1998
Tennessee7Chevrolet Impala2008
Tennessee8Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Tennessee9GMC Pickup (Full Size)1999
Tennessee10Nissan Maxima2000
Texas1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006
Texas2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2004
Texas3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2004
Texas4GMC Pickup (Full Size)2017
Texas5Honda Accord1997
Texas6Honda Civic2000
Texas7Chevrolet Tahoe2002
Texas8Toyota Camry2016
Texas9Nissan Altima2015
Texas10Toyota Corolla2016
Utah1Honda Civic1998
Utah2Honda Accord1997
Utah3Ford Pickup (Full Size)2005
Utah4Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1997
Utah5Toyota Camry1999
Utah6Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1998
Utah7Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2001
Utah8Toyota Corolla1997
Utah9GMC Pickup (Full Size)2016
Utah10Honda CR-V1999
Vermont1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2003
Vermont2Toyota Corolla2014
Vermont3Toyota Camry2007
Vermont4Ford Pickup (Full Size)2005
Vermont5Subaru Impreza2006
Vermont6GMC Pickup (Full Size)2009
Vermont7Toyota Rav42013
VermontToyota Tundra2000
Vermont8Chevrolet Pickup (Small Size)2003
VermontDodge Pickup (Full Size)2004
VermontFord Escape2005
VermontHonda CR-V2016
VermontToyota Tacoma2005
VermontChevrolet Impala2006
Virginia1Honda Accord2005
Virginia2Honda Civic2012
Virginia3Toyota Camry2017
Virginia4Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Virginia5Nissan Altima2016
Virginia6Toyota Corolla2017
Virginia7Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2005
Virginia8Hyundai Sonata2013
Virginia9Chevrolet Malibu2017
Virginia10Ford Explorer2004
Washington1Honda Accord1997
Washington2Honda Civic1998
Washington3Ford Pickup (Full Size)1999
Washington4Subaru Legacy1996
Washington5Toyota Camry1991
Washington6Honda CR-V1999
Washington7Acura Integra1995
Washington8Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1997
Washington9Toyota Corolla1995
Washington10Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1996
West Virginia1Ford Pickup (Full Size)2002
West Virginia2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2000
West Virginia3Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000
West Virginia4Ford Pickup (Smalll Size)1998
West Virginia5Chevrolet Pickup (Small Size)1999
West Virginia6Ford Focus2013
West Virginia7Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2007
West Virginia8GMC Pickup (Full Size)2017
West Virginia9Ford Explorer2000
West Virginia10Chevrolet Impala2008
Wisconsin1Dodge Caravan2002
Wisconsin2Honda Civic1998
Wisconsin3Jeep Liberty2003
Wisconsin4Honda Accord1997
Wisconsin5Toyota Camry2007
Wisconsin6Chevrolet Impala2008
Wisconsin7Ford Pickup (Full Size)2004
Wisconsin8Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2000
Wisconsin9Chrysler Town & Country2002
Wisconsin10Nissan Altima2016
Wyoming1Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2002
Wyoming2Ford Pickup (Full Size)2008
Wyoming3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2004
Wyoming4GMC Pickup (Full Size)1999
Wyoming5Toyota Camry2007
Wyoming6Toyota Corrolla2017

Chevrolet Suburban

Ford Mustang

Ford Pickup (Small)

Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

Jeep Liberty

Pontiac Grand Prix







Why comprehensive insurance is a good deal

Comprehensive to do if your car is stolen" for more information oinsurance pays out up to the actual cash value of your car, minus your deductible, when you file a claim. It's a smart money move because comprehensive coverage costs just $192 a year, on average, according to an Insurance.com rate analysis. Regardless of where you live, you should be aware of what to do if your car is stolen.

Most stolen cars stats

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