Does my insurance cover someone else driving my car?

Your insurance will only cover if the driver is already on your coverage or is permissive. Here are the scenarios where car insurance covers an accident and when it does not. 

Car insurance covers an accident if Car insurance does not cover an accident if
The driver is a permissive driverIt was an excluded driver
The driver is your spouse or someone else on your policy The driver is non-permissive
The driver is without a license or was driving under the influence

What happens if someone else crashes my car? 

If the driver is permissive and is at fault in an accident, your insurance will cover the damages and injuries. Your liability coverage will cover the medical expenses and any property damage caused - up to your policy limits. However, if your policy limits do not cover the expenses completely, the driver's policy acts as a secondary coverage. 

However, if the permissive driver driving your car is not at fault in an accident, the at-fault driver's insurance will cover the damage and repair expenses. If the at-fault driver is uninsured or the expenses exceed their policy limits, you can file a claim under your underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, if you have. 

What happens if someone wrecks your car and they aren't on your insurance?

Car insurance follows the car and not the driver. If the permissive driver who wrecks your car is not on your insurance, your car insurance will cover the damages and repairs caused by the driver up to the coverage limits. If the damages exceed your limits, the driver's coverage acts as a secondary coverage to meet the expenses.  

Final thoughts 

If someone else is driving your car and gets into an accident, your insurance may cover the damages depending on the specific terms of your policy. Whether it's a permissive driver or an excluded driver, understanding your coverage is essential. 

If your car is wrecked and the driver isn't on your insurance, your policy typically covers damages, following the principle that insurance follows the car. While accidents can impact your rates, being informed about your coverage and promptly reporting incidents to your insurance provider ensures a smoother claims process.

Auto insurance FAQs

What happens if someone steals your car and crashes it? 

You won't be liable for any damages or repairs if someone stole your car and crashed it. If you have comprehensive coverage, you'll be covered for the theft and paid out the totaled value of the car. 

Will my insurance go up if someone else crashes my car? 

An accident or crash can affect your car insurance rates even if you weren't the one driving the car. However, just one accident might not significantly increase your rates. But if you were in an accident not too long before someone else crashed your car, insurers will see you as a high-risk driver and increase your car insurance rates. 

Can I file an insurance claim if someone else was driving my car?

You can file an insurance claim if someone else drives your car and there's an accident. You can contact your insurance company for more company-specific claims information.