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Buying mobile home, or manufactured home, insurance online is easier than ever, with many top insurance companies offering quick quotes and easy online purchase of policies.

Insuring a mobile home requires some basic information about the home, including the age of the home, size, features and details about the location.

Before you buy a policy, be sure to compare quotes from multiple companies to ensure you're getting the right coverage at the best price. Below, we'll provide tips for buying a mobile or manufactured home insurance policy online.

Where can I buy mobile home insurance online?

Just about every major company sells insurance for mobile and manufactured homes, although you may run into some limitations for older mobile homes.

Many insurance companies will allow you to buy a policy online so long as you meet the guidelines; each company has different rules. You may need to complete your purchase with an agent,

Companies such as Foremost, Geico, Progressive and Liberty Mutual all allow you to begin the mobile home insurance quote process online.

Following are some of the best mobile home insurance companies and some that provide the most affordable coverage.

The best mobile or manufactured home insurance companies looks at several factors when ranking the best mobile home insurance companies, including customer feedback, AM Best Financial Strength ratings, and an independent review of each insurer.


Allstate is one of the nation's biggest insurers, which offers peace of mind to customers who value dependability.

What we like: Allstate offers a slew of discounts to mobile homeowners, including:

  • 5% off if you are the original titleholder to your mobile home
  • 15% off for bundling policies
  • 10% off if you are over 55 and retired

State Farm

State Farm is the No. 1 property/casualty insurer in the U.S.

What we like: State Farm has several discounts available for mobile homeowners. You get a price break for installing home alert systems, and your costs may decrease depending on the model year of your home and how long you have lived there.

COUNTRY Financial

COUNTRY Financial may not be a household name like Allstate and State Farm, but J.D. Power ranks it as the top homeowner's insurance company. It earned that ranking mainly for its superior customer service.  However, Country Financial only offers mobile home policies in Illinois.

What we like: You can earn alarm and tie-down price breaks. You also get a discount if your mobile home is less than six years old.


Foremost was founded in 1952 to provide insurance to people who own mobile homes. A subsidiary of Farmers Insurance Group, it partners with organizations such as AARP and USAA to provide coverage.

What we like: Foremost offers options such as earthquake coverage and coverage for water damage from sewers and drains.

American Modern

This is another insurance company with a long history of covering mobile homes -- 50 years.

What we like: In addition to its long history of serving manufactured homeowners, American Modern offers optional coverages such as earthquake insurance and protection for the breakdown of major appliances.

American Family

American Family has been in business for more than 90 years and is another large insurer offering policies to manufactured homes.

What we like: American Family's Diminishing Deductible falls each year you own the policy. For example, starting in the first year, you would get $100 off a $1,000 deductible.


Assurant offers manufactured home insurance policies through partners such as GEICO and Liberty Mutual. You cannot buy policies in Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., however.

What we like: Convenience is a major selling point here: Assurant's partnerships allow you to purchase mobile insurance with companies that provide your other policies, like car insurance.

The cheapest mobile home insurance companies

Unfortunately, pinning down the cheapest mobile home insurance companies isn't easy. Insurance differs from state to state and customer to customer. So, pricing varies widely. Some of the home-specific factors that might determine the price you pay for mobile home insurance include:

  • The state and local community where your mobile home is located
  • The age of your mobile home
  • Whether your mobile home is securely anchored to the ground

But then there are also person-specific factors like credit score and claims history that impact your rate. That means the cheapest mobile home insurance company for one person may not be the most affordable company for you.

So, to get the cheapest mobile home insurance policy, you will need to shop around. You can start with those we've determined to be the best mobile home insurance companies.

What to look for when buying mobile home insurance

When shopping for mobile home insurance, look for a policy that offers the coverage you need. Most policies offer two standard types of protections:

Physical damage coverage

This reimburses losses associated with fire, hail, wind, theft and vandalism or falling objects. Damage to or loss of your mobile home, belongings or other structures like decks and garages usually are included. However, coverage can differ from insurer to insurer.

Personal liability coverage

If someone is hurt on your property or if you injure someone or damage or destroy their property – this type of coverage will reimburse the losses. It also will protect you if you are sued for damages.

The precise details of what a policy does and does not cover vary from insurer to insurer. It's essential to know what type of coverage you require to ask insurers if they provide it.

In addition to getting the right type of coverage, you want to get a policy at a good price. Look for policies that offer reasonable premiums and opportunities for discounts. For example, some insurers might offer discounts for installing an alarm system or living in the same mobile home for many years.

Finally, you might want to check with an organization like AM Best to make sure any prospective insurer is on solid financial footing.

Frequently asked questions about buying mobile home insurance

Can you buy homeowners insurance online without a mobile home inspection?

Typically, you can purchase a manufactured home policy without scheduling an inspection of the mobile home itself.

An insurer may want to know more about where the mobile home is located, whether it is attached or unattached to the property and possibly even which company manufactured the home.

Can you buy replacement insurance for a mobile home?

Yes, you can buy replacement cost coverage for a mobile home. Insurance companies such as State Farm and Allstate specifically note this fact on their websites.

However, it is a mistake to assume every insurer will offer full replacement cost coverage. Check the insurers' website carefully, or ask your agency or an insurance company representative to be sure this coverage is part of your policy.

Can you buy hurricane or flood insurance for a mobile home?


A typical mobile home insurance policy will cover wind damage, so you should be protected if a hurricane strikes. But it is important to clarify this with your insurer if you live in a hurricane-prone area, as some locations may require you to purchase a separate wind policy.

If your policy does not cover hurricane damage, that fact will be spelled out in the policy documents.

A standard manufactured home policy will not cover flooding damage. However, you can purchase a separate flood policy, and it usually is wise to do so, especially if you live in an area prone to flooding.

Can you get insurance on older mobile homes?

If your mobile home was produced before June 15, 1976, it may be more difficult to get older mobile home insurance. After that date, mobile homes began to be called manufactured homes and were subject to HUD requirements which insurance companies believe make them lower risk than they were previously. It is still possible to get mobile home insurance on a home that was produced before June 15, 1976, but you may need to speak with an agent directly and might expect premiums to be higher than for a newer home.

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