How to buy mobile home insurance online

To buy mobile home insurance online, follow a few simple steps.

  1. Gather all of the documentation about the home. You'll need year, make and model, location and details about the structure itself, including any upgrades.
  2. Make a list of companies to get quotes from. You should get quotes from three to five companies.
  3. Request quotes. Make sure to get quotes for the same coverage from each company.
  4. Compare companies and rates. Compare your choices on not just price, but reputation as well.
  5. Complete the application process online. Once you've selected a policy, complete the application process and make a payment to buy your mobile home insurance policy.

Benefits of buying mobile home insurance online

Buying your mobile home insurance online has a lot of perks. First, you can take care of it on your own timeline, without worrying about business hours. You can shop and compare rates from the comfort of your home, and not face any sales pressure.

Shopping for mobile home insurance online also allows you to compare multiple quotes easily, without having to make multiple phone calls or visit multiple agents.

When you shop online you can take your time, take advantage of the many online resources for comparing the best mobile home insurance companies, and buy when you're ready.

Where can I buy mobile home insurance online?

Just about every major company sells insurance for mobile and manufactured homes, although you may run into some limitations for older mobile homes.

Many insurance companies will allow you to buy a policy online so long as you meet the guidelines; each company has different rules. You may need to complete your purchase with an agent,

Companies such as Foremost, Geico, Progressive and Liberty Mutual all allow you to begin the mobile home insurance quote process online.

How to find the best online mobile home insurance

When you start looking at the options for buying mobile home insurance online, make sure you're spending some time researching the companies. While you might feel safe buying a policy from a big-name insurance company, some of those companies actually partner with other insurers to offer mobile home and other specialty coverage.

Read the fine print to see if another company is named as the underwriter, and take some time to research that company. Check AM Best ratings and read customer reviews to find out how the company has performed for others.

It's important to check on the reputation of any insurance company before you buy, remember that cheap isn't everything.

What to look for when buying mobile home insurance

When shopping for mobile home insurance, look for a policy that offers the coverage you need. Most policies offer several standard types of coverage:

  • Dwelling coverage. This reimburses losses associated with fire, hail, wind, theft and vandalism or falling objects.
  • Other structures coverage. Many mobile home policies include coverage for detached structures like a shed.
  • Personal property coverage. This will cover your personal belongings, from your couch to your dishes.
  • Personal liability coverage. If someone is hurt on your property or if you injure someone or damage or destroy their property – this type of coverage will reimburse the losses. It also will protect you if you are sued for damages.

The precise details of what a policy does and does not cover vary from insurer to insurer. It's essential to know what type of coverage you require to ask insurers if they provide it.

In addition to getting the right type of coverage, you want to get a policy at a good price. Look for policies that offer reasonable premiums and opportunities for discounts. For example, some insurers might offer discounts for installing an alarm system or living in the same mobile home for many years.

Home insurance FAQs

Can you buy homeowners insurance online without a mobile home inspection?

Typically, you can purchase a manufactured home policy without scheduling an inspection of the mobile home itself.

An insurer may want to know more about where the mobile home is located, whether it is attached or unattached to the property and possibly even which company manufactured the home.

Can you buy replacement insurance for a mobile home?

Yes, you can buy replacement cost coverage for a mobile home, but not all companies cover it. Make sure you ask.

Can you buy hurricane or flood insurance for a mobile home?

Yes. A typical mobile home insurance policy will cover wind damage, so you should be protected if a hurricane strikes. But it is important to clarify this with your insurer if you live in a hurricane-prone area, as some locations may require you to purchase a separate wind policy.

A standard manufactured home policy will not cover flooding damage. However, you can purchase a separate flood policy, and it usually is wise to do so, especially if you live in an area prone to flooding.

Can you get insurance on older mobile homes?

If your mobile home was produced before June 15, 1976, it may be more difficult to get older mobile home insurance. After that date, mobile homes began to be called manufactured homes and were subject to HUD requirements which insurance companies believe make them lower risk than they were previously. You may need to speak with an agent directly and might expect premiums to be higher than for a newer home.