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If you own a condo, it's important to know what types of insurance coverage are available for your property in McKinney, TX. Condo insurance is a great way to protect your investment in condominiums. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing items that are damaged, as well as provides liability protection if someone is injured on your property.

In this guide, we'll provide condo insurance costs by ZIP code and coverage level and help you determine which insurance policy is right for you.

Average cost of condo insurance in McKinney

The average cost of condo insurance (HO6) in McKinney is $676 per year, for coverage level of $40,000 as personal property, $1,000 as deductible and liability protection of $100,000. However, the insurance rates vary depending on your location in the city, value of your condo and coverage limits you choose. The highest average rate for condo insurance in McKinney is $1,522, it's $1,166 more than the lowest average rate of $356.

Average annual costAverage per month costHighest average rateLowest average rate

Comparing condo insurance cost of McKinney with state average

Condo insurance costs an average of $676 per year in McKinney. It is $111 less expensive than the state average cost of $787.

McKinney, TX average costTexas average cost

Condo insurance cost in McKinney for liability limit of $100,000

There are many factors that affect the cost of your HO6 insurance. One is the area you live in, and another important factor that influences your condo insurance rate is how much dwelling coverage you choose. Generally, the higher you set your coverage limit, the more expensive your condo insurance will be.

For instance, the average annual rate for dwelling coverage of $40,000 is $677 or $56 per month. Whereas condo insurance costs $817 a year on average for $60,000 of dwelling coverage.

Dwelling coverageAverage annual rateAverage per month rate

Note: The deductible amount is $1,000 and liability limit is $100,000.

Condo insurance cost in McKinney for liability limit of $300,000

HO6 insurance provides protection for your belongings and offers liability coverage in case someone is injured while on your property. The cost of condo insurance varies depending on the liability limit you decide to choose.

The following table shows the cost of condo insurance for four coverage levels. For the liability limit of $300,000 and $1,000 deductible, the average annual condo insurance rates for different dwelling coverage are mentioned below-

Dwelling coverageAverage annual rateAverage per month rate
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