What is the cheapest car insurance for civil servants?

Since most civil servant jobs are considered low-risk, there are numerous inexpensive insurance options. The companies surveyed all offer rates for civil servants that are roughly 9% less than the average base price.

The table below showcases the rates you’ll get as a civil servant from a handful of major car insurance companies.

CompanyAverage base rateAverage civil servant ratePrice difference ($)Price difference (%)
Grange Mutual$1,154$1,046$1089.06%

Compare car insurance rates for civil servants to find the best policy for you. Other factors will affect the cost more than your profession. An insurance policy that just features liability insurance, for example, vs. a full coverage plan with add-on coverage will cost less regardless of the company you go with.

In Insurance.com’s analysis of insurance rates, Geico had the cheapest car insurance rates overall. Add in Geico’s long history of working with federal government employees, there’s a good chance you may be able to get discount car insurance for civil servants from the company.

Car insurance discounts for civil servants

There are no industry-wide discounts for civil servants or government workers. In fact, the vast majority of insurance companies don’t offer discounts of any type for civil servants, with GEICO being a big exception.

However, it’s important to reiterate that since civil servant jobs are, by and large, considered low-risk professions, insurance companies tend to offer lower rates in general. So while it isn’t an official, marketed discount, your job can still help lower your car insurance premiums.

Each company can set its own rates for certain occupations. "Maybe 20 years ago or so we moved to competitive rating. What that did was allow companies to make their own risk models and quote for whatever they wanted to," says Josiah Hatch, owner of Bender Hatch Insurance in Boston, Mass. 

That means shopping around can make a big difference.

How can civil servants get cheaper car insurance?

Since specific civil servant discounts are few and far between, you will need to look in other places to find car insurance discounts. However, there are a lot of discounts available including:

As always, you can find the best car insurance for you by comparing prices across plans and companies. Along with comparison shopping, you can do things like maintaining a clean driving record or increasing your deductible to lower your premiums.

Additionally, remember that you aren’t obligated to renew your policy with your current provider. So shop around near your renewal period and you may find insurance companies offering a better deal than you have right now.


Insurance.com commissioned rates in 2022 from Quadrant Data Services for a 40-year-old driver with a clean record and good credit, with full coverage. Base rates were compared to civil servant rates from each company.